Committee - Communications & Digital Media (CDM)

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Mission - Overview Goals

Leverage marketing channels such as events, social media (video, Face Book, LinkedIn Twitter, Wikipedia), newsletter, email, FWA websites and member networks to:

  • Build awareness of the FWA and our programs (e.g. Ed Fund, mentoring)
  • Increase acquisition of new FWA members and partners/sponsors.
  • Heighten engagement of existing FWA members, donors and sponsors.
  • Motivate current FWA community to become active advocates for the FWA.

Accomplishments/Highlights (2010 - 2011)
As a newly formed Committee, we look forward to many contributions as a team in 2010/2011.

In 2009/2010, Joyce Sullivan, Raleigh Mayer and Alexandra Tyler began the formative work in creating the Communications & Digital Media committee through building social media awareness for the FWA members, website enhancements and personal presentation skills in the following ways.

Joyce Sullivan worked with the FWA Marketing Committee and Morton Public Relations to establish a social media presence and utilize it to enhance awareness of the FWA organization and events on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Wikipedia.

She also created and delivered social media training to FWA members through the Career Connections Committee as well as training the FWA Board and Programming Leadership Committee on use of outside social media sites to promote FWA events.

Alexandra Tyler is working on brand/messaging alignment of FWA Web sites and search engine optimization. She is developing a partner evaluation strategy to assess potential and existing FWA partnerships.

Raleigh Mayer will offer a Powerful Presence workshop to board members and committee chairs to help them manage, introduce, and present FWA events.

Additionally, the CDM Committee has:

  • Held segmented social media training sessions for the FWA Board groups
  • Created digital video and other social media to create awareness of our Committee and to recruit members
  • Begun updating FWA Social Media policy.

Recommendations for the Future
We are working on a number of new initiatives for future implementation, including:
  • Update and enhance FWA Web sites; promote the Web sites through search engine optimization
  • Empower FWA Committee Chairs and designated Committee Members to effectively promote and increase attendance at FWA events using social media marketing tools
  • Increase FWA Members’ facility and effectiveness in using the latest social media tools for their own business & networking efforts with clients/contacts/ key influencers
  • Streamline e-mail announcements and related communications to be as compact, accessible, and powerful as possible.
Meeting Schedule
We are currently recruiting new Committee members so please contact one of the Co-Chairs for meeting days/times. Initial meetings will be in person and subsequent committee meetings will be handed via email and telephone. New members are welcome at any time.

We are looking for Committee members with skills in SEO (Search Engine Optimization), social media marketing, event promotion or willing to learn from those who do so please join us!

Special Thanks and Acknowledgements
To Lisa N. Buddenhagen, FWA Director or Operations and Online Communications Manager, for her timely development and implementation of new initiatives and ongoing communications support.

We look forward to welcoming our future Committee members and “friends of the Committee”:

Susan K. Becker
Joanne Belbey
Lisa N. Buddenhagen
Janice Carapellucci
Joanne Dillon
Gerri Facchine
Tracey Gordon
Beth Kanaga
Sharon Lewis
Ilene Moskowitz
Jeannette Paladino
Susan Shaw
Jeannette Werfel

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  April 19, 2011