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Committees – Why Should You Join One Right NOW!

Have you recently joined the Financial Women’s Association or are a long-time member who is looking to get further involved with your organization?

Now is the time to join one of our many committees and here are just a few reasons:

  1. Expand your network
  2. Enhance your skill set to include planning, organizing, marketing and executing programs
  3. Join a collaborative environment conducive to discussion
  4. Gain a different perspective
  5. Enjoy personal satisfaction

 *One of the benefits of membership with the FWA is the ability to join a committee. Take advantage of this great opportunity!

Not a member? Don’t delay, join today.

Members, join a committee today by completing the Committee Selection Form.


Business, Government & Regional Affairs

Simone Vinocour
Vice President

The FWA’s Business, Government & Regional Affairs Division enhances our Members’ experiences by stretching our geographic and topical borders. Whether the three regional committees of Long Island, New Jersey (both North and South) and Westchester/Connecticut or the internationally focused Global Agenda  Committees, the Division will cover topics both local and global. The Impact Investing, Men’s Alliance and Not-for-Profit Committees will bring their expertise to related topics. We are sure our division’s activities will expand your knowledge as well as your borders!

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Directorships & Corporate Governance
FWA-Long Island
FWA-New Jersey
FWA-WestCon (Westchester/Southern Connecticut)
Global Agenda
Impact Investing
Men’s Alliance

President’s Circle Initiatives

The FWA supports other strategic initiatives that provide Leadership and Development for outstanding individuals.

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Professional Development & Continuing Education

Ria Davis Executive Director

The FWA’s Professional Development & Continuing Education Division’s committees design and deliver activities that prepare, develop and mentor professionals via executive speakers, panelists, classes, seminars and networking opportunities. Each is tailored to a range of constituents from the C-suite and other senior executives, to mid-level professionals and entrepreneurs.  Although our core focus is the financial industry, our members and guests represent a wide range of professions, including: law, governance, regulation, high-tech, and academia.  Members working on these committees network with recognized experts and business dignitaries.  They learn how to design and execute above-mentioned offerings, resulting in enhanced leadership skills and expertise.

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BOLD – Build Opportunities to Leverage
and Develop your career
Distinguished Speakers
Emerging Leaders
Executive Leaders
Professional Services Liaison


Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

The FWA’s Special Interest Groups (SIGs) Division is comprised initially of  6 committees with an overall  purpose of connecting and engaging with members a shared interest in advancing a specific area of knowledge, learning or technology.

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Banking & Finance
FWA 25+ Club
Wealth Management



The Education Division is dedicated to the education, development and advancement of high potential high school, undergraduate college and graduate school women interested in careers in the financial industry, accounting and STEM.  The educational programs in this division provide scholarships, mentoring programs, access to study abroad opportunities, professional development, training in financial literacy and graduate school programs focused towards the enrichment and sponsorship of future industry leaders.

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Financial Literacy
Graduate School Partnerships
Mentoring – Baruch College
Mentoring – High School
Mentoring – NJ Regional
Undergraduate Scholarships
Wall Street Exchange


Annual Fundraising

Our yearly fundraiser events provides support to the FWA of New York, Inc. educational programs.

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Annual Celebration & Women of the Year Awards
Holiday Benefit
Microfinance Giving Fund


Other Initiatives

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International Business Conference


Standing Committees

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Investment Policy
Operations Resource
President’s Circle/Corporate Sponsorship
Strategic Marketing & Communications


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