Standing Committees


Martha Clark Goss

Martha Clark Goss

Committee Chair Martha Clark Goss

The Audit Committee assist the Board of Directors of the FWA in fulfilling the Boards’ financial oversight responsibilities. The group’s principal tasks include selecting the auditors, assuring the audited financial statements and tax returns are prepared and filed, monitoring the financial reporting processes and overseeing the FWA’s conflict of interest policies.

For more information, contact Martha Clark Goss.


Investment Policy

Elaine Gilde

Elaine Gilde

Committee Chair Elaine Gilde

The Investment Policy Committee oversees the Board’s ongoing policy, process, guidelines and management of the fund balances and investments in the Business League and Educational Fund accounts of the FWA.

For more information, Contact Elaine Gilde.



Susan Strong

Hermina “Nina” Batson

Committee Chair Hermina “Nina” Batson and Chair Susan Strong

The Membership Committee is responsible for recommending membership policies and overseeing member development, selection and integration. The committee also assists with the organization, planning and implementation of recruiting events, the engagement of Members and the review of [non-members] candidates’ applications.

For more information, contact Hermina “Nina” Batson or Susan Strong.



Peggy Decker

Committee Chair: Peggy Decker

The Nominating Committee seeks to identify qualified members to serve in the following roles requiring election by the membership: president-elect, treasurer, secretary and Nominating Committee. In addition, the Committee makes recommendations to the Board to fill any openings on the Operations Resource, Investment and Audit Committees, whose members serve a three year term. The Nominating Committee also solicits input from the Board, other FWA leaders and the entire organization on members or prospective members with leadership potential. These suggestions are then shared with the President-Elect, who is responsible for selecting a proposed slate for her Board and Leadership Council.

For more information, contact Peggy Decker.


Operations Resource

Jenene Karamon

Committee Chair Jenene Karamon

The Operations Resource Committee (ORC) focuses on policies, plans, and issues arising in connection with the FWA office and office personnel. The committee’s oversight includes FWA personnel issues, employee benefits, wage structure, technology and communications plans and strategies, in addition to facilities and office space requirements. The Committee coordinates with the FWA General Counsel and recommends appropriate actions to the Board.

For more information, contact Jenene Karamon.


President’s Circle/Corporate Sponsorship

Lee Woo

Lee Wood

Stacy Lauren Musi

Stacy Lauren Musi

Committee Chair Stacy Lauren Musi and Vice-Chair Lee Wood

Formed in 1998, President’s Circle is the FWA’s corporate sponsorship program which allows firms to establish strategic partnerships with the FWA to advance its core mission to accelerate the success and leadership of women in the financial community across all industries. This is accomplished by exchanging best practices, showcasing industry thought leaders, enhancing programmatic content, and empowering mentoring and educational initiatives. Since its inception, the FWA President’s Circle has been extremely successful, providing substantial financial support for FWA programs and scholarships, and developing strong, mutually-beneficial partnerships with corporate sponsors. Funds from President’s Circle support FWA programming, scholarships, and training for students interested in pursuing careers in business and finance.

For more information, contact Stacy Lauren Musi or Lee Wood.


Strategic Marketing & Communications

Cornelia Levy-Bencheton

Cornelia Levy-Bencheton

Jason Dodd


Committee Chair Cornelia Levy-Bencheton and Vice-Chair Jason Dodd
The Marketing Communications Committee is responsible for the FWA brand, generates awareness, creates interest in the FWA and communicates the brand value proposition to help maintain a relevant, dynamic and vibrant FWA organization.

Through initiating programs, this Committee provides marketing, communications and promotional support to other FWA Committees and the FWA President on both a strategic and tactical level.

For more information, contact Cornelia Levy-Bencheton or  Jason Dodd.

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