About Us

The Financial Women’s Association brings together high achieving professionals from every sector of the financial world. We are dedicated to developing future leaders, enhancing the role of women in finance, and investing in the community. In this vital work, we are fortunate to have the partnership of prestigious institutions, government agencies and talented individuals.

our mission

To Accelerate the Leadership and Success of Women across the financial community in all industries, by advancing careers, fostering alliances and preparing the current and next generation of professionals.

our vision

To be the voice for women in the financial community across all industries, advancing thought leadership, recognizing women’s achievements, and illuminating their unique contributions to their professions, companies and communities.

our history

The FWA was established in 1956 when 8 enterprising women on Wall Street met to share professional experiences and further their knowledge. Our non-profit organization proudly numbers more than 1000 members worldwide. The FWA continues to live up to its mission, by:

Furthering knowledge with outstanding programs that explore social concerns, technology, financial and political issues.

Expanding horizons through international conferences and regular briefings with government officials and industry leaders.

Contributing to our communities, with 30+ years of scholarships and mentoring programs for students from high school through graduate school, internships, and community service activities.

Within the financial services industry, the FWA provides a public forum for examining important contemporary issues in business, finance, governmental policy and civic affairs. Click here to view a more comprehensive history of the FWA including the list of past presidents.

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Our Members

The FWA mirrors the dynamic financial services industry, with a diverse membership that illustrates the breadth and depth of opportunities and occupations:

  • Nearly 90% of FWA Members are employed either with an outside firm or are self-employed.
  • 85% hold senior positions of power and influence within their companies.
  • Members are employed by companies ranging in size from very large (64%) and medium size firms (23%) to small firms (12%).
  • About 57% have completed some graduate school and post grad studies. About 14% hold multiple graduate degrees and 4% are at the Ph.D. level; 99% have earned a college degree.
  • Over 30% state HH income of $300K; 85% state HH income over $100K.
  • More than half state their HH net worth over $1M; nearly 20% state HH net worth over $5M.
  • Most Members are long-term FWA Members.

FWA Member Survey, 2014

Our sponsors and partners In addition to the many speakers from private industry and the public sector who share their expertise with us, the FWA benefits from exceptional collaboration with industry leaders. As Members of the FWA’s President’s Circle, these companies demonstrate their advocacy of women’s leadership initiatives – increasingly important to top firms looking to develop talent, retain key employees, and recruit high potential staff. We hope you will consider supporting the FWA.

Our activities

From public to private sector, personal to professional life, the Financial Women’s Association offers exciting programs each year designed to broaden horizons and enhance skills. Examining today’s critical issues.

By fostering an ongoing dialogue on contemporary issues, the FWA fulfills a need for timely information on specialized industry and community affairs topics. Prominent speakers regularly take the podium at FWA events to share their ideas with Members. From global marketplace issues to corporate support for education, from regulatory trends to business ethics, the scope of discussion reflects the wide variety of member interests.

Recognizing the Achievements of Women Leaders

The FWA is committed to highlighting the achievements of distinguished women, bringing members and leaders together for interactive exchanges throughout the year. Special events and ongoing programming offer professional development and networking opportunities. Choose from events and activities addressing topics from mentoring and scholarships to corporate board advocacy and referrals.

Honoring the Women of the Year

Each spring the FWA honors a woman leader in the public sector and private sector for their achievements, leadership and professionalism. The FWA Woman of the Year awards are presented at the Annual Dinner (now the Annual Summit and Awards Ceremony), the FWA’s major fundraising activity for our nationally acclaimed scholarship, mentoring and summer training programs.

Presenting Distinguished Speakers

Through our Distinguished Speakers programs, the FWA introduces Members to CEOs and other senior corporate executives. We learn how these leaders perceive and resolve key strategic issues, share success stories of accomplished women leaders and hear how corporations promote the capabilities and potential of female executives.

Supporting Professional and Personal Growth

Professional development and educational programs are central to enhancing personal effectiveness and continuing professional growth. With seminars that explored topics such as estate planning, investment strategies, caring for aging parents, and strategies for working mothers, the FWA equips Members with necessary knowledge to navigate their private and professional lives.

Achieving National and International Influence

To encourage ongoing dialogue between the financial community and the public sector, the FWA sponsors fact finding forums in the United States and abroad. These local, national and international forums enable Members to gain needed insights into the turning points and trends that shape our global economy. We go right to the scene to meet with business and government leaders who influence the world’s events.

Founded in 1956, the Financial Women’s Association (FWA) is a leading executive organization of over 900 Members committed to shaping leaders in business and finance with a special emphasis on the role of and development of women. The FWA serves its Members through educational programs and networking opportunities, and serves the community through its nationally acclaimed scholarship, mentoring and training programs.

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