Business and Government

Directorship & Corporate Governance

Deepa Keswani

Pawneet Abramowski

Committee Co-Chairs Pawneet Abramoski and Deepa Keswani

One of the most powerful aspects of the D&CG Committee is the advocacy work it does to diversify the corporate boardroom here in America and around the globe. It also sponsors regular training sessions for FWA members interested in seeking executive or corporate board positions and then coaches them on how to persuasively present their qualifications.

For more information, contact co-chairs Pawneet Abramowski or Deepa Keswani.


Global Agenda

Janet Zagorin

Janet Zagorin

Donna La Spina

Donna La Spina

Committee Co-Chairs Donna La Spina and Janet Zagorin

Hosting events focused on hot financial topics, the Global Agenda Committee brings together next generation thought leaders from financial institutions, corporations, research and academia. Managers will benefit significantly from working with others who are actively engaged in global business. Committee members have lived and worked abroad are focused on cross-border business or have a globally diverse background.

Members of this Committee are involved in enlightening discussions and events and have recently added a “teach in” portion to committee members that covers a globally relevant topic in 15 minutes. Any committee Member can propose to present on an area of expertise, and past topics have included the outcome of the German election and regulatory issues, and global trends in Europe, China, Latin America and Africa.

For more information, contact Donna La Spina or Janet Zagorin.


Impact Investing

Nelun deS. Wijeyeratne

Nelun deS. Wijeyeratne

Ellen Mo

Committee Co-Chairs Ellen Mo and Nelun deS. Wijeyartne

Impact Investing is an approach to harness investor capital for social enterprises seeking to find innovative solutions to address social and environmental problems. Many of these social problems have a disproportionate impact on poor women, who often bear primary responsibility for managing the care of the family and the household.

The FWA Impact Investing Committee’s primary role is to build awareness about impact investing and to mobilize new ideas and networks in this space. To this end, the FWA organizes panel discussions and conversations featuring distinguished speakers from financial institutions, double bottom line investors, innovative social enterprises and academia.

Click here to learn more about the FWA Lenore C.  Albom Microfinance Giving Program.

For more information, contact Ellen  Mo  or Nelun deS Wijeyeratne.


International Business Conference

Janet Zagorin

Janet Zagorin

Marline Alexander

Committee Chairs Marline Alexander and Janet Zagorin

With the primary objective of managing the annual international conference and all of the details related to the itinerary, in addition to hosting programs that highlight key international issues, the International Conference Committee gives Members and delegates alike direct access to commercial, cultural, and political leaders.

Click here for past trip highlights.

For more information, contact Marline Alexander or Janet Zagorin.

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