Business, Government & Regional Affairs

Directorship & Corporate Governance

Jacqueline Linden

Laurie Harris

Committee Co-Chairs Laurie Harris and Jacqueline Linden

One of the most powerful aspects of the D&CG Committee is the advocacy work it does to diversify the corporate boardroom here in America and around the globe. It also sponsors regular training sessions for FWA members interested in seeking executive or corporate board positions and then coaches them on how to persuasively present their qualifications.

For more information, contact co-chairs Laurie Harris or Jacqueline Linden.


Executive Leaders

Jill Epstein

Jill Epstein

Committee Co-Chair Jill Epstein

The Executive Leaders Committee’s mission is to create unique event settings and customized formats of events designed to attract FWA members who are senior executive leaders, C-Suite professionals, past FWA Distinguished Speakers, Annual Dinner Honorees, Dais Members and Past Presidents. Participants appreciate the concept of intimate, invitation-only events, where senior-ranking professionals have an opportunity to network with their peers, discuss issues pertinent to their firms and the financial world, and be a sounding board for each other’s future business proposals.  Past events have included roundtable discussions with corporate leaders, private museum tours, backstage tours, and intimate gatherings with renowned designers, chefs and musicians.

For more information, contact Jill Epstein.


FWA-Long Island

Jill Schneider

Arianna Georgiadis

Vivian Breier

Committee Co-Chairs Vivian Breier, Arianna Georgiadis and Jill Schneider

FWA – Long Island increases membership, partners with Long Island-based professional organizations to create awareness of the FWA, raises the profile of the FWA on Long Island, and simultaneously generates support, referrals and sponsorships in the geographic area.

For more information, Contact Vivian Breier, Arianna Georgiadis or Jill Schneider.


FWA-New Jersey

Arminda Youse-Warde

Arminda Youse-Warde

Stephanie Hauge

Nataliya Adelson

Committee Co-Chairs Nataliya Adelson, Stephanie Hauge, and Arminda Youse-Warde

The FWA – New Jersey Committee is devoted to holding key networking and professional development programs, primarily throughout New Jersey. The Committee connects with other associations and women’s groups within accounting and legal firms, as well as major corporations and academic institutions such as Seton Hall University. In turn, Members are then attracted to the FWA through the quality and variety of its events, the power of networking with successful professional women and the opportunity to explore ways to give back, such as mentoring the next generation.

Ideal for individuals looking to enhance their professional network in New Jersey that work in NY yet may be looking to work in NJ for a more manageable commute and balance of work/life demands.

For more information, contact Nataliya Adelson, Stephanie Hauge or Arminda Youse-Warde.


FWA-WestCon (Westchester/Southern Connecticut)

Brenda Griebert

Brenda Griebert

Mary Gilmartin

Mary Gilmartin

Committee Co-Chairs Mary Gilmartin and Brenda Greibert

FWA – WestCon was started in 2009 to provide a forum to network with peers in the growing financial communities located in Westchester and Southern Connecticut. Working with the FWA headquarters, this Committee offers both professional and social development programs to help women in finance reach their full potential such as resiliency in the workplace, women’s health, and financial guidelines for the challenging economy.

Working to continuously develop partnerships with some of the biggest and most influential financial institutions in the region including UBS and MasterCard, the FWA – Westchester/CT Committee puts equal emphasis on small, local and privately-owned businesses which help to support the communities in their own backyards.

For more information, contact co-chairs Mary Gilmartin or Brenda Greibert.


Global Agenda

Janet Zagorin

Janet Zagorin

Donna La Spina

Donna La Spina

Committee Co-Chairs Donna La Spina and Janet Zagorin

Hosting events focused on hot financial topics, the Global Agenda Committee brings together next generation thought leaders from financial institutions, corporations, research and academia. Managers will benefit significantly from working with others who are actively engaged in global business. Committee members have lived and worked abroad are focused on cross-border business or have a globally diverse background.

Members of this Committee are involved in enlightening discussions and events and have recently added a “teach in” portion to committee members that covers a globally relevant topic in 15 minutes. Any committee Member can propose to present on an area of expertise, and past topics have included the outcome of the German election and regulatory issues, and global trends in Europe, China, Latin America and Africa.

For more information, contact Donna La Spina or Janet Zagorin.


Impact Investing

Nelun deS. Wijeyeratne

Nelun deS. Wijeyeratne

Ellen Mo

Committee Co-Chairs Ellen Mo and Nelun deS. Wijeyartne

Impact Investing is an approach to harness investor capital for social enterprises seeking to find innovative solutions to address social and environmental problems. Many of these social problems have a disproportionate impact on poor women, who often bear primary responsibility for managing the care of the family and the household.

The FWA Impact Investing Committee’s primary role is to build awareness about impact investing and to mobilize new ideas and networks in this space. To this end, the FWA organizes panel discussions and conversations featuring distinguished speakers from financial institutions, double bottom line investors, innovative social enterprises and academia.

Click here to learn more about the FWA Lenore C.  Albom Microfinance Giving Program.

For more information, contact Ellen  Mo  or Nelun deS Wijeyeratne.


International Business Conference

Jennifer Zhu

Jennifer Zhu

Mee Warren

Mee Warren

Committee Chairs Mee Warren and Jennifer Zhu

With the primary objective of managing the annual international conference and all of the details related to the itinerary, in addition to hosting programs that highlight key international issues, the International Conference Committee gives Members and delegates alike direct access to commercial, cultural, and political leaders.

Click here for past trip highlights.

For more information, contact Mee Warren or Jennifer Zhu.


Men’s Alliance

Stephen Zweig

Stephen Zweig

Deborah Kaye

Deborah Kaye

Committee Co-Chairs Deborah Kaye and Stephen Zweig

The Men’s Alliance hosts unusual yet extremely interesting events with an eye towards promoting dialogue and discussion amongst FWA Members around a variety topics that help to both educate and inform.

For more information, contact Deborah Kaye or Stephen Zweig.

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