Emerging Leaders

Chen Rao

Committee Chair Chen Rao

The Emerging Leaders Committee’s two primary objectives include enhancing FWA members’ skill sets in networking with their peers. These “horizontal” relationships are then supplemented by the Committee’s second objective: skill enhancement seminars that focus on the development and practice of a professional skill set through lecture, role playing and other interactive procedures.

For more information, contact Chen Rao.


Executive Leaders

Jill Epstein

Jill Epstein

Committee Chair Jill Epstein

The Executive Leaders Committee’s mission is to create unique event settings and customized formats of events designed to attract FWA members who are senior executive leaders, C-Suite professionals, past FWA Distinguished Speakers, Annual Dinner Honorees, Dais Members and Past Presidents. Participants appreciate the concept of intimate, invitation-only events, where senior-ranking professionals have an opportunity to network with their peers, discuss issues pertinent to their firms and the financial world, and be a sounding board for each other’s future business proposals.

For more information, contact Jill Epstein.


Men’s Alliance

Stephen Zweig

Stephen Zweig

Tracey Shumpert

Committee Co-Chairs Tracey Shumpert and Stephen Zweig

The Men’s Alliance hosts unusual yet extremely interesting events with an eye towards promoting dialogue and discussion amongst FWA Members around a variety of topics that help to both educate and inform.

For more information, contact Tracey Shumpert or Stephen Zweig.


Special Interest Groups



Diana Merenda

Alana McNichol

Committee Co-Chairs Alana McNichol and Diana Merenda

This Committee provides support for women entrepreneurs through group meetings, networking and special events. FWA entrepreneurs have a support system for those who do not have the same resources available as corporate America/more established businesses.

The Entrepreneurs Committee has also featured successful funding events related to angel investing and crowd funding, and considering the ever-changing funding landscape resulting from the new Jobs Act, the committee is likely to sponsor similar events in the future.

All FWA members are welcome to get involved. Get access to information that could help you to excel in growing your business!

For more information, contact  Alana McNichol or Diana Merenda.



Aly Liu

Cornelia Levy-Bencheton

Janet Handal

Committee Co-Chairs Janet Handal, Cornelia Levy-Bencheton and Aly Liu

This committee develops and shares programs on technology subjects of interest to those in financial services.

For more information, contact  Janet Handal or Cornelia Levy-Bencheton and Aly Liu.


Professional Services

Sareena Sawhney

Sareena Sawhney

Anne Halpern

Jennifer Delgado

Jennifer Delgado

Committee Co-Chairs Jennifer Delgado, Anne Halpern, and Sareena Sawhney

Helping women to realize the immense benefits related to networking and being a member of the FWA, the professional services special interest group will co-sponsoring events designed to spark the interests of individuals primarily in the audit, accounting, cash management, compliance, commodities, insurance, legal, operations/back office, risk, supply chain and tax related fields.  FWA Members employed in other financially related fields are also invited to become a part of this dynamic group.

For more information, contact Jennifer Delgado, Anne Halpern, or Sareena Sawhney.


Special Interest Groups – Regional


FWA-Long Island

Jill Schneider

Arianna Georgiadis

Vivian Breier

Committee Co-Chairs Vivian Breier, Arianna Georgiadis and Jill Schneider

FWA–Long Island increases membership and partners with Long Island-based professional organizations to create awareness of the FWA by raising its profile while simultaneously generating support and obtaining referrals and sponsorships in that geographic area.

For more information, Contact Vivian Breier, Arianna Georgiadis or Jill Schneider.


FWA-New Jersey

Arminda Youse-Warde

Arminda Youse-Warde

Stephanie Hauge

Committee Co-Chairs Stephanie Hauge, and Arminda Youse-Warde

The FWA–New Jersey is devoted to holding key networking and professional development programs, primarily throughout New Jersey. They connect with other associations and women’s groups as well as major corporations and academic institutions. In turn, people are then attracted to the FWA through the quality and variety of its events, the power of networking with successful professional women and the opportunity to explore ways to give back, such as mentoring the next generation.  Ideal for individuals that work in NY, but yet may be looking to work in NJ for a more manageable commute and balance of work/life demands or for those looking to enhance their professional network in New Jersey.


For more information, contact Stephanie Hauge or Arminda Youse-Warde.


FWA-WestCon (Westchester/Southern Connecticut)

Brenda Griebert

Brenda Griebert

Committee Chair Brenda Greibert

FWA–WestCon provides a forum to network with peers in the growing financial communities located in Westchester and Southern Connecticut by offering both professional and social development programs to help women in finance reach their full potential. Working with The FWA of New York, Inc., the FWA – WestCon is continuously developing partnerships with some of the biggest and most influential financial institutions in the region as well as with small, local and privately-owned businesses which help to support the communities in their own backyards as well as the FWA’s mission.

For more information, contact chair Brenda Greibert.

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