Distinguished Speakers

Regina Huber

Regina Huber

Anna Haskell

Anna Haskell

Committee Co-Chairs Anna Haskell and Regina Huber

Want the opportunity to hear the firsthand experiences of leading CFOs and CEOs in the financial industry? Check out events organized by the Distinguished Speakers Committee, which was created with the intention of promoting programs that Members can attend and then leave with key knowledge that can be utilized to propel their career forward now and in the future.

Overcoming challenges is much easier when lessons learned by others who have previously blazed the same trail are shared. That is just one of many goals of holding workshops featuring enlightened speakers to provide Members with information related to their personal career path.

“We focus on a small number of very involved and high profile events. The committee works intensively around those and because of the prominence of our speakers, there has to be a significant amount of leadership effort put out and relationship management in terms of producing those events,” Vanessa Van Brunt, former committee co-chair, revealed.

Some past topics are:

  • Fireside Chat on Leadership: Chairman and CEO Jamie Dimon and CFO Marianne Lake discussed leadership, engaging stakeholders, navigating challenges currently seen in financial institutions and planning for the future.
  • A Conversation with Richard Ketchum, FINRA Chairman and CEO, “Compliance, Risk Management and the Bottom Line- How Do They Co-Exist?”
  •  Lunch with Jeff Sprencher– Founder, CEO and Chairman of Intercontinental Exchange (ICE)

Don’t wait, hear the vital information Distinguished Speakers are discussing today! Contact Anna Haskell or Regina Huber.


Emerging Technology

Cornelia Levy-Bencheton

Janet Handal

Committee Co-Chairs Janet Handal and Cornelia Levy-Bencheton

This committee develops and shares programs on technology subjects of interest to those in financial services.

For more information, contact  Janet Handal or Cornelia Levy-Bencheton.



Executive Leaders

Shery Saeed

Rosemarie “Roe” Bonelli

Committee Co-Chairs Rosemarie “Roe” Bonelli and Shery Saeed

The unique event settings and customized formats designed by this Committee attract existing, prospective and former members of the FWA, along with past FWA Distinguished Speakers, Annual Dinner Honorees and Dais Members. Participants appreciate the concept of intimate, invitation-only events where senior-ranking professionals have an opportunity to network with their peers.

Members of the FWA Executive Leaders Committee are senior executive leaders and “C-Suite” professionals. Prospective new Committee members who meet these criteria should contact the FWA’s Manager of Member and External Communications.

Past events include: private museum tours; backstage tours; intimate gatherings with renowned , designers, chefs and musicians; as well as roundtable discussions with corporate leaders.

For more information, contact Roe Bonelli or Shery Saeed.



Ellen Perlstein

Yinka Madden

Anne Halpern

Committee Co-Chairs Yinka Madden and Ellen Perlstein

This committee is focused on developing engaging events where members have fun and ample opportunity to network.

For more information, contact Anne HalpernYinka Madden or Ellen Perlstein.




Professional Services Liaison

Sareena Sawhney

Sareena Sawhney

Susan DiCicco

Susan DiCicco

Jennifer Delgado

Jennifer Delgado

Committee Co-Chairs Jennifer Delgado, Susan Di Cicco, and Sareena Sawhney

Helping women to realize the immense benefits related to networking and being a member of the Financial Women’s Association (FWA), the Professional Services Liaison works closely with individuals primarily in the legal and accounting spaces through co-sponsoring events designed to spark the interests of lawyers, accountants and FWA Members employed in other related fields as well.

In addition to planned FWA events, this committee hosts quarterly dinners with Members to foster networking and greater involvement in the committee and holds periodic conference calls to prepare for upcoming events.

For more information, contact Jennifer Delgado, Susan Di Cicco, or Sareena Sawhney.

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