Engagement and Resources

Career Connections

Committee Co-Chairs TBA

The Career Connections/Transition Tuesday Committee develops special services and programs for FWA members in career transition and those seeking to transition (such as support groups and networking events). In addition, these events are led by accomplished FWA Members who share their expertise, talents and skills with other members looking to enhance their skill sets related to their careers.


Legacy Networking

Brenda Griebert


Committee Chair Brenda Griebert

The Legacy Committee organizes programs and events to engage our veteran FWA members.

For more information, Contact Brenda Griebert.




Lindsay Seeger

Lindsay Seeger

Committee Co-Chairs Lindsay Seeger and Nina Bahazhevska

The Not-for-Profit Committee creates programs related to the non-profit world (including distinguished speakers, business management, financial management) and opportunities for professional development and career growth.

For more information, contact Lindsay Seeger or Nina Bahazhevska.


Resource & Support

Bonnie Halpern


Mary-Therese Dickson

Mary-Therese Dickson

Committee Co-Chairs Mary-Therese Dickson and Bonnie Halpern

The Resources/Support Committee works in conjunction with the FWA office to organize various resources and provide support that is essential for the delivery of effective and efficient information to FWA members.

For more information, contact Mary-Therese Dickson or Bonnie Halpern.

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