FWA Welcomes in New Fiscal Year with 2015 Annual Meeting


President 2014-15 Maureen Adolf officially hands over the gavel to incoming President 2015-16 Katrin Dambrot.

New Goals: Connect, Engage, Energize

The Financial Women’s Association held its annual meeting at President’s Circle sponsor New York Life on June 23, 2015. Of the 885 eligible voting members, there were 320 votes counted. More than 152 members registered for the meeting including three of the Pacesetter awardees. FWA President 2014-15 Maureen Adolf kicked off the meeting by outlining last year’s key objectives including technology, risk in financial services, organizational growth and relevance, leadership and community programs. In addition, Maureen officially passed the gavel to incoming 2015-16 President Katrin Dambrot, signifying her turning over the reins of the presidency.

Maureen first highlighted key goals reached last year which including increased use of technology and social media, increased revenues, the evolution of next generation programs as well as reimagining the Annual Dinner and the International Business Conference. Incoming President Katrin Dambrot outlined three themes for members to Connect, Engage and Energize in everything FWA does.


Members gather for the FWA 2015 Annual Meeting

The new officers voted in are: Katrin Dambrot, President, Ria Davis, President-Elect, Ilene Moskowitz, Secretary, and Susan Migliaccio, Treasurer. Four Vice Presidents are Andrea (Andy) Esposito, VP of Corporate and Professional Ventures; Simone Vinocour, VP of Global and Regional Outreach; Hermina (Nina) Batson VP of Engagement and Resources; and Marietta Bottero, VP of Next Generation and Education.

Two new committees of the Board were formed: Strategic Finance co-chaired by Jenene Karamon and Madelyn Miler and Development co-chaired by Stephanie Hauge and Fran Smyth. New committee chairs include co-chair Linda Hamilton, Audit, Elaine Gilde of Investment, Nicole Fox of Membership, Peggy Decker and Janet Zagorin of Nominating, and Stacy Lauren Musi who will co-chair the President’s Circle.


Past FWA President’s Kimberly Weinrick, Maureen Adolf and current FWA President Katrin Dambrot

Continuing chairs include Jeannette Hobson of Operations Resource, Lee Wood on the President’s Circle/Corporate Sponsorship, Jason Dodd and Cornelia Levy-Bencheton of Strategic Marketing & Communication, Barbara Cohen for Educational Program Development, and Martha Wood with Audit.

Aligning with her goals of Connect, Engage, Energize, Katrin Dambrot is launching three new initiatives in 2015-16: Restructuring led by Linda Lerner, 60th Anniversary led by Kim Weinrick, and Pacesetters led by Christine Birnbaum.

This year will surely be one of both transition and success for the FWA, none of which would be possible without the dedication and commitment of FWA Members, Leadership Council and Board of Directors.

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