Getting Ahead of the Game: Students Kick-Off School Year with Mentor in Hand


Marietta Boterro, a member of the FWA Board, mentors Vivian Wu

Nearly 40 young women started the new school year at Baruch College with a gift in hand: a business savvy mentor from the Financial Women’s Association (FWA) to help guide them to success.

“I get to learn from people with real-world experience,” said Olena Verga, class of 2014 and one of the FWA mentees. “These are women who open the curtain into the business world and how it operates.”

The mentors are the members of the Financial Women’s Association who bring experience in banking, wealth management, business and more. This year, 35 FWA members are participating. To date, the program has mentored 165 young women.

Mentor Ora Shtull, an FWA member, points out that “the students learn from each other.”

“By bringing the students together in a day like this, they end up mentoring each other,” she added.

As I watched the students, I heard Sweeney Liu, class of 2015, turn to Olena with some of her own coaching: “Given your background, maybe a position in marketing is valuable.”

And mentor Shtull chimed in: “Firms like Deloitte or PwC are also interesting options.”

“This program makes a difference in the lives of these young woman,” said Dean Fenwick Huss. “It wouldn’t happen without the FWA.”

FWA President Maureen Adolf shares a laugh with FWA member and mentor Kit Turner and student Chandni Parekh

Many women join the FWA specifically for the opportunities to have an impact through its mentoring and other programs.

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