Financial Backpack Program

Financial Literacy & Outreach

This program was made possible through a $900,000 grant received from the HSBC foundation in 2008 that was recently extended until 2015. The Financial Backpack program has successfully taught seminars involving around 2,300 students that cover agendas like paying for college, banking basics, budgeting, when to use credit and debit cards, saving and investing, and understanding stocks, bonds and mutual funds.

Several partnerships have contributed to the continued success of this program. They include:

  • Virtual Enterprise International program: This program provides over 300 NYC high school students with instruction in banking, financial planning and investing through two sets of workshops held in both the fall and spring.
  • W!SE at the High School of Economics and Finance: FWA volunteers help teach the introduction program to the finance program.
  • Hunter College High School: This program has grown to include over 90 students annually now working alongside the Financial Backpack program.
  • The Young Women’s Leadership Network, The High School of Fashion Industries and Murry Bergtraum High School: All three offer evening workshops for seniors and their mentors that cover topics such as learning to properly budget and how to use credit wisely. The students work in small groups on a real-life case study.

Find here the course material presented in the
FWA-HSBC Financial Backpack Workshop Sessions.

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Student’s Materials – Workshop Modules

Financial Literacy & Goals

Spending Plans & Budgets

College Financing

Banking Basics

Understanding Credit


Teacher Guides

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