Global Agenda

Global AgendaWith today’s interconnected global economy, the FWA has a strong global agenda foundation for members. We host U.S.-based programming on topical and timely multi-national issues and themes, as well as lead a robust annual conference that brings delegates face-to -face with senior government officials, business leaders and representatives from key, regional women’s organizations. Including last year’s conference that was in Germany, the FWA will have traveled to 27 countries in total.

Looking over the years, some highlights include the FWA’s inaugural international conference bringing the delegation to China in 1977 as one of the first groups to that country after it reopened. The FWA continued to show leadership through developing annual conferences, beginning in 1985 with an FWA delegation traveling to London. Over the years, the group has met with leaders during times of key change, including in South Africa in the same month that the first Peace & Reconciliation trials were held, and making FWA history in 2011 with the group’s first conference in the Middle East.

Past events include

  • BNP Panel / EU Outlook
  • Arab Women in Finance
  • Climate Investment in China
  • Liz Kruger Event
  • Annual International Conferences

For more information on the Global Agenda committee, click here.

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