FWA/BMO Scholars Program

Mentoring & Scholarships“Through the support of BMO Capital Markets over the course of nearly a decade, we have been able to accelerate the advancement of approximately 300 young women – quite literally, helping develop the next generation of financial leaders,” said FWA President Kimberly Weinrick. “We are deeply grateful for the longstanding, consistent contributions of the BMO Capital Markets Equity Through Education program toward this important work.”

bethechangeEach year since 2005, BMO Capital Markets has contributed the proceeds of its Equity through Education Trading Day to the FWA of New York Educational Fund and other charitable organizations. Over the course of eight years, the FWA Educational Fund has received $1.6 million to provide undergraduate scholarships, as well as participate in international development conferences and other programs.

BMO Capital Markets Equity Through Education Trading Day highlights our clients’ and colleagues’ commitment to the community,” said Eric Tripp, president, BMO Capital Markets. “Our objective is to deploy this generosity where it can have a significant and sustainable impact, which is another reason why we are pleased to continue supporting the FWA Educational Fund, which makes a lasting, positive difference in the lives of young women professionals.”

Numbers: Hundreds of New Opportunities

The FWA/BMO Equity through Education Scholars Jan Bai, Denise Tuan and Rita Dai

The FWA/BMO Equity through Education Scholars
Jan Bai, Denise Tuan and Rita Dai

The Equity through Education program’s contributions since 2005 have funded a variety of FWA Educational Fund programs: such as

  • Undergraduate scholarships have been awarded to 181 Baruch College students and more than 75 graduates of Murry Bergtraum High School in New York City. In addition, more than 23 young women have received support from the FWA/BMO Capital Markets Scholars Fund at Baruch.
  • As part of new programs added in 2012-2013, two young women studied in China and nine participated in leadership and professional development conferences at Simmons College and University of Maryland at College Park.
  • In another new initiative in 2012-2013, the FWA’s Tools for Clear Speech Program helped students with workshops, direct instruction and other resources to improve their communication skills.
  • In 2013, BMO money was used to underwrite MBA Scholars at Columbia, NYU, Fordham and Baruch
  • All of the scholars can now join the new FWA Scholars Community on LinkedIn

In Their Own Words: Reflections of FWA Mentees Participating in Development Conferences

The following are brief excerpts from essays by just a few of the many participants in the 2012-2013 conferences:

“Walking away with the accumulated wealth of life stories, words of wisdom, career advice and support, I feel empowered to shape my own professional destiny, to be as influential, inspirational and impactful as each of the speakers, and to be as open, supportive, and engaging as each of the fellow attendees I spoke with.”
– Rita Dai, participant, 2013 Simmons Leadership Conference

“It was fascinating to see how women could use their differences in the business community to their advantage. I am excited to learn more and apply my findings in my academic career and internships this summer.”
– Rachel Ryu, participant, 2013 National Conference for College Women Student Leaders at the University of Maryland

“What made the conference so special was that it presented a phenomenal program guaranteed to inform, empower and energize women who came from all over the U.S. All the speakers were women with exceptional leadership qualities, appealing personalities, positive attitudes toward life, and an enormous sense of humor and tact.”
— Halina Karatayeva, participant, 2013 Simmons Leadership Conference

About the BMO Capital Markets Equity Through Education Program

At the 2013 Annual Dinner, Mariette Bottero and Deidre Drake from BMO presented their generous contribution to FWA Mentees

At the 2013 Annual Dinner, Mariette Bottero and Deidre Drake from BMO presented their generous contribution to FWA Mentees

Equity Through Education is a charitable initiative aimed at creating a more diverse workplace by helping people realize their educational ambitions. On one day each year, all North American institutional equity trading commissions are donated to organizations dedicated to the education of bright and deserving individuals. To date, Equity Through Education has raised C$12.3 million (US$11.7 million). This translates into assistance to over 2,500 students through scholarships, bursaries and job search strategy forums. This year’s Equity Through Education trading day will be September 25, 2013. Please consider placing your trades with us. It’s one day of trading for a lifetime of opportunity.

To learn more about Equity through Education, click here.

About BMO Capital Markets

BMO Capital Markets is a leading, full-service North American financial services provider with more than 2,200 employees operating in 16 offices in North America and 29 worldwide, offering corporate, institutional and government clients access to a complete range of investment and corporate banking products and services. BMO Capital Markets is a member of BMO Financial Group (NYSE, TSX: BMO), one of the largest diversified financial services providers in North America with $535 billion total assets and more than 46,000 employees as of July 31, 2013.

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