Letter to the FWA Membership

Dear Members of FWA:

Jennifer Openshaw FWA Executive Director

I’m excited to have begun my new journey as FWA’s new executive director and look forward to the opportunity to get to know you personally and build upon the important work of the FWA.

My path in arriving here was an intentional one: I started my career in public service and have been eager to return full steam. My passion for women’s economic empowerment and advancement stems from my personal experience as well as my history in the industry and media.

The work of the FWA – and the participation of all of you — is as important as ever. Why?

  • Moving the Bar –Women still have not reached parity in the financial industry. The eight women who founded the FWA almost 60 years ago understood that well. But there are new trends today that underscore the importance of women at the top of financial institutions – for example, by 2020 two-thirds of wealth is expected to be held by women.
  • Tools & Technology – In just the past few years, emerging trends in social media have presented opportunities for online networking. The FWA will strive to help you utilize technology to the fullest and keep you ahead of the game. We will continue to empower you personally and increase your worth on the job.
  • Networking Right – In addition to optimizing online networking, face-to-face relationships can make a big difference in advancing women. It’s what the FWA has always brought you.

Over the coming months, I’ll be working with our board, leadership, and active members to identify ways to build upon the FWA’s rich history. Growing our membership, increasing the engagement of companies that depend on women, and making our work more meaningful are among the top priorities.

For example, we have a new “Finances of Famous Women” and technology training series you won’t want to miss. So, if you have friends – whether starting out, in mid-career, or in senior roles – who would benefit from our work, urge them to join the FWA now.

Many of you have provided valuable feedback to us in our recent survey. That feedback is critical to serving you and new members, so I hope you’ll continue to share your views.

I want to thank you for being a part of the FWA. I look forward to working together to advance you, the industry and women at large– the FWA way!

Warmest regards,

Jennifer Openshaw

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