Looking for a New Job? How to Spot Who’s Hiring in Financial Services

Let’s face it: pounding the pavement in the city of dreams – a.k.a New York City – doesn’t always get you to your next dream job.

What can you do? job seeking

Now, when job seekers are looking to take that make career move in just about any industry, including financial services, they’re turning to a new strategy: real estate.

No, your eyes aren’t deceiving you. We said it: real estate is the next big thing to leverage in order to snag that dream job. Just ask MorningStar.

Based in Chicago, the investment research firm recently revealed that it will be relocating from its 7,500 square foot Midtown office to 4 World Trade Center’s 48th floor, which measures out at a less modest 30,000 square feet – four times the size.

With this larger space, bringing on a significantly enhanced employee base is an obvious next step. Although not scheduled to begin the onboarding process until halfway through 2015, Morningstar’s Chairman and CEO Joe Mansueto commented in a statement, “Moving downtown allows us to double our capacity for staff in New York.”

Useful tips like the one outlined can help you get a jump start on new job opportunities. How? Maybe you know someone who works at Morningstar. Start to use your network: on the job, on LinkedIn, the Financial Women’s Association (FWA) and other groups.

Keeping a close eye on major company expansions in the Big Apple can surely help you know what’s coming up and where you might make your next career move.

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