Mentee of the Month – New Series

Carolina with her Mentor Vanitha Kathrotia

Ms. Carolina Holy is recognized as the March 2016 FWA Mentee of the Month. Carolina, a former Murry Bergtraum High School mentee, was selected because of her commitment to education and her willingness to go the extra mile to achieve her aspirations and goals.

Carolina is currently in a five year Architecture program at Syracuse University and is the first in her family to pursue higher education in America. “I found the [college admission] process confusing and a bit difficult. I never heard of SAT’s nor did I know where to start my college search. I was nominated to join the FWA and I saw it as an amazing opportunity which I will always be grateful for,” said Carolina, about her reasons for joining the FWA mentoring program. “I’m not 100% sure where I will take my degree after graduation but I have an idea of what I want to do.” Carolina plans to graduate, find a job where she can gain experience, pass the architect registration exam and one day start her own firm.

“Despite a challenging schedule, Carolina managed to attend FWA meetings and took advantage of the resources provided to prepare for the college admission process and SAT’s [while] pushing herself to take advanced classes and pursue extracurricular activities all while maintaining impressive grades,” said her Mentor Vanitha Kathrotia. Her tenacity resulted in her acceptance into a competitive architecture program at Syracuse.

“I hope that the FWA continues its great work and I hope to contribute as much as I can,” said Carolina.

The FWA is honored to have had Carolina as a mentee and we recognize her determination to achieve her dreams.

Mentoring, when done correctly, creates a relationship between two individuals where the goal is to provide support and an environment to share and discuss experiences, concerns and identify areas of improvement. As a mentor, you gain leadership skills, personal growth and the satisfaction that you are making a difference.  If you are interested in joining the FWA mentoring program or want to volunteer please contact

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