FWA – Westchester / CT

“Being connected to a strong, reliable and supportive network is an integral part of professional growth. FWA-Westchester/Connecticut offers a unique opportunity for me to meet and collaborate with men and women professionals who live and/or work close by.”
— Mary Gilmartin, chair of FWA Westchester-Connecticut

Committee Co-Chairs

Mary Gilmartin

Brenda Gribert

Brenda Griebert

FWA-Westchester/CT was started in 2009 to provide a forum to network with peers in the growing financial communities located in Westchester and Southern Connecticut. Working in tandem with the FWA headquarter office in New York City, this Committee offers both professional and social development programs to help women in finance reach their full potential.

“The financial community in the West-Con area has grown substantially over the past 10 years. So, it was a natural extension of the FWA community to offer a local networking resource for its Members who live and/or work in the area,” Jean Cleary, former co-chair of FWA-Westchester/CT added.

Working to continuously develop partnerships with some of the biggest and most influential financial institutions in the region including UBS and MasterCard, the FWA-Westchester/CT Committee puts equal emphasis on small yet local privately-owned businesses which helps to support the communities in our own backyards.

The program agenda over the years has run the gamut of professional development topics including:

  • Resiliency in the Workplace
  • Structured Speed Networking
  • Social Media Strategy for Financial Success
  • Women’s Health: Myths and Facts
  • Financial Guidelines for a Challenging Economy
  • Fall Fashion Workshop – Dress for Business

The FWA West-Con chapter is a fabulous community of smart, energetic, and inspirational women who share how they are managing their professional worlds.

For more information, contact Mary Gilmartin at mary.gilmartin@credit-suisse.com or Julia Cherashore at juliatroyan@yahoo.com.

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