Special Interest Groups (SIG)


Power the success of global business, CPAs, and specialty credential accounting professionals by providing the events with relevant knowledge, resources and advocacy. The SIG: Accounting Committee fosters a professional community with a commitment to the public interest, promoting life-long learning with the cultivation of new technologies, and empowering members with knowledge for value creation.

Banking and Finance

Empower and provid resources to licensed finance and banking professionals by providing events with networking opportunities that connect a range of banking and finance professionals. Encouraging its members to take leadership roles and to develop the skill-set to be successful.

25+ Club

The 25+ Club is for FWA members that have been a part of our organization for over 25 years. Provides for opportunity to share professional experiences and continue career advancement through events that provide relevant knowledge based resources.   Leadership opportunities are available to work with junior members and the creation of a symbiotic learning environment.


Creating an environment to share the latest developments and issues affecting the insurance industry. Helping prepare SIG members for leadership roles in their organizations by providing a wide, comprehensive view of the insurance business through educational and networking events.


Providing leadership, a collective voice, and essential resources to advance SIG members in the legal profession. This committee is passionate about enhancing and improving members by encouraging networking opportunities with other lawyers and industry specific events to promote leadership and career development.

Wealth Management

Stimulating the development of financial advisors by fostering a community of professionals with opportunities for networking and events on current affairs or interests within the wealth management community.

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