2014-2015 Spotlight Archive

2015/06/22 – An Evening of Bliss Plus Networking and More

2015/06/17 – Profile of Success: Chanel Soto, Associate, TD Securities

2015/06/15 – Fund That Flip, The Right Way

2015/06/10 – Carol Sawdye, Vice Chairman and CFO, PricewaterhouseCoopers Turns Risk into Opportunity

2015/06/08 – John Thiel, head of Merrill Lynch, on the Future of Wealth Management

2015/06/03 – Janet Zagorin, Honored with The International Alliance for Womens TIAW World of Difference 100 Award

2015/06/02 – FWA Member Alison Cornell Selected as EVP CFO of International Flavors and Fragrances, Inc.

2015/05/26 – LinkedIn: Not Just Social Media Anymore

2015/05/20 – Profile of Success: Kristin Molinari, Investor Relations and Marketing, Pagoda Asset Management

2015/05/04 – Profile of Success: Joan Farr, Original Founder of the Financial Women’s Association

2015/04/24 – From Average Student to CEO: Prudential Financial CEO John Strangfeld

2015/04/17 – Luck of the Irish: Top 3 Takeaways from the First Woman Counsel General of Ireland, Barbara Jones

2015/04/08 – Profile of Success: Anastasia Korolkova, FWA Mentee Alum & Fulbright Winner

2015/04/07 – Mee Warren, trader at Two Sigma Investments, LLC, Pinned for Women in Finance Outstanding Contribution Award

2015/04/06 – Wine & Design Paint Night

2015/03/25 – Profile of Success: Jenn Feliberty, Senior Fixed Income Trader, TD AmeriTrade

2015/03/11 – Profile of Success: Amanda Gallagher, Senior Associate at New York Life Insurance Company

2015/03/05 – Why ESG in Private Equity Can and Should Help Close the Gender Gap

2015/03/04 – Five Keys to Effective Board Oversight of Ethics and Compliance Programs

2015/02/23 – Profile of Success: Raleigh Mayer Gravitas Guru

2015/02/19 – 4 Tips When Making “The Ask” & More from Guru Michael Roderick

2015/02/10 – RBC On the Markets: Flash Boys Decoded

2015/02/03 – What’s a Fashionista, Exactly? FWA & Carlisle Welcome New Year with Spring Fashion Show

2015/01/28 – Profile of Success: Linda Descano, Managing Director & Head of Branded Content & Social at Citi – Part Two

2015/01/22 – Your Pulse: Help Advance Women in 2015

2015/01/22 – Profile of Success: Linda Descano, Managing Director & Head of Branded Content & Social at Citi Part One

2015/01/15 – My First 90 Days: It’s Not About You, It’s About Them

2015/01/06 – Profile of Success: Nancy Ancowitz, Author of “elf-Promotion for Introverts”

2014/12/18 – A Look into the Future with Edie Weiner – Three Big Trends to Monitor

2014/12/16 – Murry Bergtraum High School Mentees Volunteer at Food Pantry

2014/12/08 – Fidelity’s Kathy Murphy Shares Five Tips on How She Achieved Success

2014/12/08 – Profile of Success: Deidre Campbell, Global Sector Chair, Financial Services Sector, Edelman

2014/12/07 – Doing Something “Like a Girl” is Actually a Great Thing: Beatriz Manetta Empowers Women & Latinas

2014/11/12 – Help “Polish” a Future as an FWA Mentor

2014/11/06 – From the Executive Director: 3 Tips for Living Right As Women Living Longer

2014/10/30 – Profile of Success: Andrea Kantor, Senior Vice President, JPMorgan Chase

2014/10/14 – Ready for Duty: U.S. Air Force Secretary Deborah Lee James Discusses Readiness in Meeting with FWA’s Partners

2014/10/13 – How to Achieve Success in Today’s Multi-Generational Workplace

2014/09/22 – Looking to Save Time? FWA’s 14 Mobile Banking Apps

2014/09/19 – Profile of Success: Lindsay Starr, Executive Director at Morgan Stanley

2014/09/17 – Getting Ahead of the Game Students Kick-Off School Year with Mentor in Hand

2014/09/08 – Still Trying to Get into the Post-Labor Day Groove? Advice from Top Women

2014/08/11 – Want to Be a Top General Counsel or Leader in Financial Services? Follow the Rules of Engagement

2014/07/15 – Wonder Women: S*x, Power, and the Quest for Perfection