An Evening of Bliss Plus Networking and More!

Who doesn’t love a relaxing spa experience?


Diane D’Erasmo, co-chair of the Executive Leaders Committee; Mike Indursky, president of Bliss; and Stacy Lauren Musi, co-chair of the Executive Leaders Commitee.

That was the idea behind an exciting event held by the Executive Leaders Committee, one of the many committees within the Financial Women’s Association, which is designed to provide peer-to-peer networking for senior executives (managing director-level and above). The group held an extremely successful and not-to-miss spa event in a small, intimate and unique setting.

Held at Bliss’s flagship spa/store on West 49th Street, Mike Indursky, president of Bliss, shared key tips on how he pushed his way to the top in his industry.

His nuggets of wisdom include:

  • Leadership – “Focus on using ‘squishy’ leadership tools, rather than resorting to the easier ‘hammer.’ As a leader, you can’t just rely on having a powerful vision, you need to inspire people to follow you and maintain an objective perspective,” Mike commented.
  • Time management – “Be present in the moment. Learn to put your phone down. Say no. And, take care of yourself: it’s not selfish, it’s self-health,” he concluded.

Mike Indursky, president of Bliss, highlights tips for career success at Bliss.

Additionally, Mike shared his exciting plans of expanding Bliss from a spa company to a lifestyle brand – with candles, spa and workout apparel, and other products. He also talked candidly about his career journey, living a healthy life, and a variety of other topics.

Mike is a beauty industry icon. In his former role as chief marketing officer (CMO) of Burt’s Bees, he put the company on the map before he went on to take the reins of Bliss several years ago. With spas around the world, Bliss is a health and wellness brand with a whimsical flair. Its product collections have names like “Firm, Baby, Firm,” “Fuzz Off,” and “No Zit Sherlock.” And, their products and spa experiences are luxurious.

Special thanks to the Executive Leaders Committee and Bliss for graciously hosting this event.

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