Building Your Dream Network Event Highlights

(l-r): Laura Leipold (Co-Chair, Emerging Leaders Committee), Calanthia Mei (HSBC), Marie-Helene Kennedy-Payen (Co-Chair, BOLD Committee), Helen Dayen (Co-Chair, BOLD Committee), Kelly Hoey (guest speaker), Lynne Mitchell (HSBC)

On Thursday, May 18, 2017,  over 100 guests gathered at HSBC to meet acclaimed networking guru Kelly Hoey, whose book BUILD YOUR DREAM NETWORK helps readers build and activate powerful networks to achieve both their long and short-term goals.

Kelly Hoey is a writer, investor, connector, and networking expert, lauded everywhere from Forbes (“1 of 5 Women Changing the World of VC/Entrepreneurship”) to Fast Company (“25 Smartest Women On Twitter”).

Below are just some highlights from the fireside chat with Calanthia Mei from HSBC:

  • Key theme of this book: generosity and understanding of what value you can bring to people. We need to overlay our digital networking with the old rules of networking, primarily generosity. If you can find an answer to your questions online, you shouldn’t be asking someone that question. As an example of being generous, Ms. Hoey cites doing one’s research before asking someone a question; therefore, you will be able to ask more insightful questions. Since there is only so much time in a day, everyone should do the best that they can to respect other people’s time.
  • Listening to your network: Instead of just meeting people for coffee and blogging about her networking advice, Ms. Hoey realized that writing her book would enable her to have a wider reach. “Listen to your network, they may see more in you than you see in yourself”.
  • Advice for introverts: Don’t try to network like someone else. This book is filled with case studies to show how people actually networked their ways to success, including introverts.  People who are more purposeful, deliberate, and conscious about asking for someone else’s time are better networkers – these people are usually introverts.
  • Defining networks and their purpose: Ms. Hoey discussed two types of networks: a narrow/deep network, which women typically have. These are better for something such as organizing an event.  Shallow networks are wider and broad, and more typical of men. These networks are at everyone’s disposal via social media platforms and open doors to professional opportunities.  Both have to be nurtured equally.
  • On the element of discovery in career changes: If you are unsure of the path that you would like to take, Ms. Hoey recommends volunteering to meet new people to learn from them.
  • On the most powerful change to implement immediately: follow-up! Ms. Hoey suggests looking at your calendar and deciding who you can follow up with. She discussed the power in letting someone else know that you are thinking of them. A key networking tool is putting yourself back on other people’s radar and knowing why you are doing what you are doing.

One of the main takeaways from this fireside chat was the power of human connection, which often gets lost in typical networking exchanges.

After the event, everyone had the opportunity to gather at a reception and get Kelly’s autograph on their books!