Celebrating 60 Years ~ What the FWA Means to Me (Open For Submissions)

Open to anyone who is or has served as an FWA Member (and we’d love to have you back), you’re invited to share your thoughts with us. In this special section of the website:

Celebrating 60 Years ~ What the FWA Means to Me, we would like to highlight YOUR story.

These anecdotes are whatever you’d like to share, perhaps memories, experiences or even the evolution of the FWA, an impact and on our Members or the industry. Some Members have mentioned they will share stories of friendship, others on having front row seats to industry leaders while still other note learnings that have helped navigate their own career, and each year at the FWA Annual Women of the Year Awards, and student graduations, we relish the joys and personal benefits of being a trusted mentor.

Whatever your story, we’d love to share it. Please provide a brief write up on the Celebrating 60 Years ~ What the FWA Means to Me form. You may upload a photo or quick video as well. Also, we can publish your full name, first name only or anonymously, depending your preference, just check the appropriate box. These submissions will be curated and posted later March, Women’s History Month, and throughout the year as we celebrate our 60th Anniversary. We wouldn’t be here today without you and the many before us. We truly appreciate your involvement, and recognize the hard work and vision of our Members over these amazing 60 years. We have accomplished a great deal, and have more to do as we look to the future to help accelerate the advancement of women across the financial community.

Thank you!

Katrin Dambrot
FWA President 2015-16