D&I 2.0: How Inclusion Will Drive the Future of Work Highlights

FWA President Stacy Musi gives opening remarks

On Tuesday morning, June 12th, the FWA Perspectives Committee, along with the generous help of NY Life, hosted a springtime breakfast that was thought provoking, inspiring and extremely engaging.  Jennifer Brown, an award-winning entrepreneur and inclusion expert, moderated a vibrant panel of D&I seasoned professionals.  Senior D&I leaders Kathleen Navarro (NY Life), Vinay Kapoor (BNP Paribas) and Rose Lanard (S&P Global) shared their thoughts on strategies focused on equality and building allies in the workplace which creates a safe and inclusive environment.

How does inclusion show up every day at work and what does inclusion look like on a day-to-day basis?

Some highlights of the conversation:

  • Create greater empathy
  • Be an advocate and encourage conversations through the power of storytelling
  • Create a safe place to have conversations
  • Recognize our individual and unconscious biases
  • Welcome allies to the community
  • Use our voices differently in the community

(l-r): Panelists: Rose Lenard, Karen Navarro, Vinay Kapoor and Jennifer Brown (Moderator)

    • How can leadership help us? Senior leadership is seen to be taking on an action pledge to support greater education as sponsors through creating conversations.  Throughout time, mentoring in the workplace has been the method used to develop sound environments in the workplace.  But perhaps is it possible that sometimes we are over-mentored and under-sponsored?  The discussion also addressed how mentors “talk with you” but sponsors “talk about you”.  This point resonates and encourages leaders to increase engagement.  More conversation initiated from sponsors will create an inclusive environment.

The committee held a raffle of Jennifer Brown’s book – congratulations to the lucky winners – while the room continued to be abuzz about the thoughts gleaned from the panelist conversation and the ideas and questions brought up during the Q&A session.


Engaged Members and guests enjoy the lively panel discussion

Perspectives Committee Co-Chair Ellen Perlstein provides closing remarks

Raffle Winners of Jennifer Brown’s book