Dynamic FWA Leaders Invite the Pacesetters to Consider Membership

Katrin tells the Pacesetters about the FWA demographics

On March 28th, the Pacesetters met at Eversheds Sutherland to learn more about the value of continuing with the FWA as a member after the fiscal year ends. Pacesetter Chair Gerri Bostick introduced the panel of past FWA Presidents, Katrin Dambrot and Betsy Werley, and the Executive Director, Ria Davis. She reminded the Pacesetters of the FWA mission and asked them to consider how closely they are aligned with that mission.

The FWA leaders regaled the Pacesetters with highlights of their own experiences and other notable successes that have occurred within the FWA over the years. Katrin Dambrot, past president, spoke about the genesis of the Pacesetter program which began when she was president over 4 years ago. She realized there was a void in the organization for high potential women to benefit from additional personal and professional development in a more concentrated way. She also noted that the FWA has a membership of males in the organization at about 10% of the total membership.

(Far right): Ria discusses how she became the Executive Director, with Past Presidents (l-r) Katrin Dambrot and  Betsy Werley

Betsy Werley, also past president, described the various programs that the FWA sponsors for high school and college women. Programs for college women are established at Baruch College and Seton Hall University.

Ria Davis, Executive Director, informed the group about the scholarships, coaching and stipends that are a part of the high school education programs. All of the students in the program go to college and the program is a major success. MUFG, a President’s Circle company, sponsors the Seton Hall scholarship program. Ria also talked about the need to keep pace with technological advances and how the FWA needs more talent in this area. The group then gave an overview of some of the FWA committees, including the Emerging Leaders, and encouraged the Pacesetters to review all of the committees and consider joining one that resonates with their interests.

In Part II of the program, the Pacesetters welcomed a former Pacesetter from the Class of 2017, Deon Hall-Garriques. Deon introduced the group to her signature plan for maintaining good health. She presented her health and nutrition program, Banking on Your Health.

Front (l-r): Lillian Kim; Trine Alimena; Kelsey Duffy; Seyda Pirinccioglu, Pacesetter Committee; Kathleen Wishashan
Rear (l-r): Meghana Shah; Priyanka Srivastava; Robin Milberg; Anne Engler; Alexandra Lee; Julie Chin; Deon Hall-Garriques, Presenter; Gerri Bostick, Pacesetter Chair; Shannon Seidel; Lara Cooley
Not pictured: Keya Bazemore, Flora Bekker, Margoth Garcia, Emily Keep, Stacy Capel