Embrace the Detours and Pivot to Success – Highlights

FWA Entrepreneurs Committee Co-Chair Alana McNichol, EA, Welcomes Guests with FWA and Speaker Introductions

For over an hour non-stop, the sold-out audience almost forgot to notice the fresh arugula, pear and parma-shaved salad, followed by a selection of delicious entrees being served.  No noises from cutlery!  No small chatter!  Everyone was captivated by the food for thought offered by speaker, author and executive strategist Larendee Roos (www.larendeeroos.com).  The FWA’s Entrepreneurs Committee’s latest event speaker shared a lifetime of coaching wisdom designed to the audience Embrace the Detours & Pivot to Success.

Strategic Advisor Larendee Roos Inspires Audience to Embrace the Detours & Pivot to Success

Inspiring and noteworthy was Larendee’s main theme in its consistency with an FWA objective: urging women to stand for and with women.  And the two men in the audience couldn’t agree more!  Larendee elegantly reminded us that our collaborative nature is needed to propel our lives and businesses forward in an ever-changing financial industry just as in our ever-changing personal lives.  She left us with exercises that we could put into practice immediately.  Her workshop of aligning who we are and what we stand for with practical principles helped participants adopt “go to” strategies for leading ourselves and teams to higher productivity and work/life satisfaction.  Other next-step action takeaways include:

When Larendee suggested reading the acclaimed New York Times best seller “The Untethered Soul” (http://untetheredsoul.com/untethered-soul) by Michael Singer, a member of the audience raised an iPhone in the air to let everyone know it was on its Kindle!

Special thanks to Alana McNichol, co-chair of the Entrepreneurs Committee, for handling introductions, registration and Lattanzi Restaurant arrangements, and Entrepreneurs Committee member David Leffler, Esq., event photographer.