Fashion & Philanthropy at Lafayette 148

Lafayette 148 CEO Dierdre Quinn sharing more about the company history, her personal journey and thoughts going forward

Fashion and Philanthropy converged for a night at Lafayette 148’s signature concept store in Soho! Amid cocktails and hors d’oeuvres guests were able to peruse the latest from Lafayette 148’s fall collection with a portion of proceeds to benefit the Lenore C. Albom Microfinance Giving Program.

Stylists were on hand to craft some amazing outfits that included a phenomenal selection including velvets and satins, from bomber jackets to pumps. The highlight of the evening was hearing from Founder & CEO Dierdre Quinn who shared her powerful story and what makes Lafayette 148 a truly woman-focused brand.

(l-r): FWA members modeling the collection: Danielle Jarnot, Jill Leibman

  • Founded in 1996 by Shun Yen Sui, Dierdre Quinn and Ida Siu creating a unique East meets West feel.
  • The devil is in the details: From the best Italian leathers to state-of-the-art infrastructure. From high quality finishings to pricing ending in “8” representing infinity and prosperity.
  • Combining the talent of the New York team with artisans and craftsmanship of the Shantou, China production facility yields relevant designs.
  • Taking care of their people is at the heart of Lafayette 148’s ethos, founding the School of Dreams in 2007 to provide access to quality education for the children of migrant workers in Shantou.  The school is based around Mr. Sui’s philosophy of “quality on the inside will reflect everywhere else.”
  • (l-r): FWA President Stacy Musi enjoying her most recent Lafayette 148 purchase with Megan Boswell

    The company has grown to 1,800 globally and continuing to expand with retail stores in China as well as 6 million catalogs sent per year.

  • Sharing her personal growth journey, Dierdre expressed the difficulty of losing her business partner, Mr. Siu, recently and the need to delegate more responsibility to focus on vision.

It was wonderful to see many familiar and new faces enjoying the lovely space, Lafayette 148’s amazing Fall Collection and wrapping up at 8pm…fitting in so many ways.

Special thanks to Lafayette 148 for providing refreshments and a generous discount on clothes benefiting both participants and FWA educational programs. 

Special recognition to Deirdre Quinn, Nicole Allen, Megan Boswell, King Chong, Director of Events and PR for their support.