Fear Busting: The 10 Top Fear Busters That Last – Event Highlights

On Friday, October 8th, FWA hosted the second free professional development for its members. This workshop was dedicated to uncovering the fears we face and the ways to overcome them. We were very excited to welcome again highly-acclaimed coach, Jim Arnoff, to facilitate this workshop at PwC.

The session started with Jim providing tips on effective self-introduction:

  • Embrace who you are – be authentic
  • Share your passion with interesting details to be remembered
  • Be specific describing your past professional experience (“name dropping”)
  • State clearly your current career objective
  • Stand up when speaking in public

Next, participants shared their fears which included judgement, rejection, failure, uncertainty, discomfort, being boring, being unrecognized and taking a career break.

Throughout the session, Jim provided ways to change our perception of these fears and at the end, participants shared their takeaways with a lot of positive energy:

  • Do not fear being judged since what other people think represents merely their opinion
  • Look at the situations you fear as an opportunity to grow and learn
  • Do not be afraid to claim your voice and embrace who you are
  • Be your own supporter and validator
  • There is no such thing as failure, every failure is a learning experience

This event was sold out again and participants of the workshop were invited for a complimentary customized career coaching session with Jim.

Thank you to PwC for graciously hosting this very well received workshop! Stay tuned for our next event.

Coach Jim Arnoff with the program attendees