Financial Women’s Association Mentoring Holiday Party

151207_mentoring_hparty1opThe Financial Women’s Association’s Mentoring Party kicks off the holiday season. It is the beginning to morning meetings, SAT prep, and rekindling relationships with our mentors. This dinner is a chance for everyone to meet again, as we prepare and anticipate what is to come in 2016. Though I often fear for the future, I know that with my Mentor, and with Beth Dorfman encouraging me to become better, I will use every day as a learning opportunity.

With all eyes on us, my friend and I each gave a speech to welcome in the New Year. We are sure 2016 will bring many surprises and joy-filled moments. Along with having the opportunity to welcome the New Year, the dinner gave mentees a chance to reflect on the past year. Our mentors have taught us values and skills, which we shall utilize as we become the future leaders in finance. Overall, the dinner is our first step to building new abilities, meeting new people and, most importantly, encouraging each other to become successful.

Contributor: Jasmin Gill, Murry Bergtraum High School Mentee