FWA-NJ Hosts joint event with Met Life in Bridgewater, NJ

Dr. Adelson leads the session on Cultural Intelligence

FWA-NJ and MetLife’s Multicultural Professionals Network hosted a joint event with speaker Dr. Nataliya Adelson, an FWA member and co-chair of FWA-NJ. Dr. Adelson spoke about Cultural Intelligence during a lunch presentation which followed an internal morning panel discussing various aspects of global business, such as communication tools, time zone management and global integration, among others.

Several FWA members and guests joined the MetLife internal group for Dr. Adelson’s presentation and networked both before and after the event. Highlights of the presentation included a synopsis of culture-specific behaviors and business styles of three regions where MetLife is already doing business and/or has offices.

Overarching concepts such as asking questions first, being respectful and learning something about a culture before interacting with peers or clients were also suggested. Q&A led to some great examples of how participants had resolved common business and workplace issues with international clients or multicultural peers. Everyone left better prepared to deal with our increasingly multicultural world and were challenged to set aside time to reflect and begin taking concrete steps towards enhancing their Cultural Intelligence.

FWA member and guests with Dr. Nataliya Adelson (3rd from left).