FWA-NJ’s Summer Soiree Sparkles

Liz Crystal leader of the FWA-NJ book club shares her perspective on the books the club has read

Forty plus members of the FWA-NJ’s community gathered at Bistro Seven Three in Bernardsville on Tuesday, August 13th for its annual summer evening get-together. This event is a mix of networking, socializing, and sharing in a relaxed atmosphere and always enjoys a large turnout. Stephanie Hauge welcomed attendees and kicked off the evening.

Over dinner, Liz Crystal talked about the Book Club which was introduced as an FWA offering earlier this year, discussed several of the books which have been read, and highlighted learnings from them. She mentioned the next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, November 13 and the book being featured is Why Do So Many Incompetent Men Become Leaders? (And How to Fix It) by Thomas Chamro-Premuzic. Members who are interested in participating are encouraged to contact Liz.

Michael Taylor FWA Educational Program Manager with Christine Birnbaum and Past President Katrin Dambrot 2015-17

Michael Taylor the FWA’s Educational Programs Manager spoke and gave an overview of the various programs the FWA offers (i.e., high school mentoring, college mentoring, Wall Street Exchange, and Pacesetters) and highlighted ways in which members can get involved. Michael projected professionalism and enthusiasm as he shared a brochure detailing the program offerings.

FWA President Simone Vinocour sharing her 2019-2020 priorities

Wrapping up the evening was Simone Vinocour the FWA’s newly elected President who spoke with the group about her 2019-2020 focus and priorities. Simone shared the International Business Conference will be to Israel in 2020; this is a country to which the FWA has not previously visited. The summer soiree captures what the FWA is all about — bringing together high achieving professionals while displaying camaraderie, commitment, and collaboration.

Thanks go out to several people. First, Stephanie Hauge for organizing and leading this event and also featured speakers Liz Crystal and Michael Taylor for sharing their insights. Special thanks goes to Simone Vinocour and Nina Batson for showing their leadership support. Michael, Simone, and Nina made the trek from New York to be with the FWA-NJ community which is most appreciated!

Interested in the FWA-New Jersey committee?

The FWA-NJ committee is ideal for individuals looking to enhance their professional network in New Jersey that work in NY yet may be looking to work in NJ for a more manageable commute and balance of work/life demands.

For more information, contact Stephanie Hauge or Arminda Youse-Warde.