FWA Nominations 2019

We Promised, We Persisted

And Now We Are into Our 3rd -Year of the

Nominating Application!

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This is the third year we have used this member application (App) to allow you direct access to the nomination process.  An example of sourcing of a board member from this process, resulted in Marie Arrigo becoming our Treasurer!  Marie’s background included being the Treasurer of other large not-for-profits, allowing her to bring a wealth of experience to our board.

Our membership encapsulates an incredible amount of talent and skill.  Help us tap that talent to benefit our organization and expand members options at exercising their leadership skills.

Nominating yourself or others!

The process is simple.

This button is additive to the nominating process and not to replace “traditional business as usual” forms of outreach: word of mouth, phone, email and newsletter items.

To use this App you must sign-in to your FWA account.

This is how we guarantee that only members can make submissions, while we widen the net of members we can reach for their suggestions.

When you enter the App you will find a list of the open board and committee positions for FY 2018-2019 with accompanying job descriptions for each. This App will allow you to put your own or another FWA member’s name up as a nomination suggestion.  To assist in the first review of submissions there is a brief questionnaire to understand why you make this candidate suggestion.  Throughout the period of nomination any additional positions that open will be posted – so check the site early and often.

The FWA is a living, breathing organization constantly evolving to meet the needs of its:

  • members,
  • supporters, and
  • stakeholders

We expect that this organic process of growth and change will see new committees emerging, existing ones strengthening or possibly morphing together with others to bolster their offerings.  If you have any interest in leadership with the FWA, but don’t know where that is – check off the box at the end of the survey (Q #9) so we can collect a list of potential.  In addition, to provide broader leadership opportunities and create a deep bench of experience for our future groundbreakers the Nominating Committee also posts activities to consider such as assistants to standing committees or committee vice-chair positions.  All with the aim to groom our future leaders.

Thank you for looking to tomorrow with the FWA

Your Nominating Committee,

Christina Birnbaum, Jenene Karamon, Meghan Lamar and Arminda Youse-Warde