FWA Teaches Financial Literacy at Baruch College

Financial Literacy Co-chair Suzanne Matthews leads the seminar on financial topics at Baruch College

On Tuesday, March 28, 2017 FWA’s Financial Literacy Committee offered a seminar at Baruch College on the importance of budgeting, establishing good credit, understanding credit worthiness, the principles of saving, and how to invest.

The class of more than 15 college juniors and seniors, who participate in the Rising Starr and Passport to Partnership programs were led by Suzanne Matthews, co-chair of the Financial Literacy Committee. Her team of five volunteers included Kelli Grant, Jennifer Kusa, Sarah Hussain, and Andrea Hasler taught students using real-life scenarios to help them understand the value of money and financial accountability.

The key takeaway was how to use money wisely now and in the future. The Baruch students were enthusiastic and engaged, and Jennifer Rodgers, who manages the two programs in the Baruch College – Starr Career Development Center stated, “the information and case study provided were thorough and enabled them [the participants] to see what it really costs to live on one’s own. I appreciated the links to the various financial resources provided, as the kids do need to start planning since so many are working (or about to start this summer).”

For more information on FWA’s Financial Literacy programs please contact Claire Wyckoff, Interim Program Coordinator at programs@fwa.org.