FWA Members Attend Prudential’s Women in Finance Annual Conference


(l-r): FWA Members: Stephanie Hauge, Carol Doyle, Debbie Downie, Laurie Liu, and Jeanne-Marie Waldman

Prudential’s Women in Finance extended a limited number of invitations to FWA-NJ to attend their annual conference held on October 26, 2016, in Newark, New Jersey.  Several members of the FWA-NJ committee attended the event that was also broadcasted to PRU employees throughout the country.

Candace Woods, senior vice president and chief actuary of International Insurance at Prudential Financial was the conference’s executive speaker and she led an exceptional presentation on the “power of networking.” Her remarks focused on her career development and expansion and how she used her networking abilities to rise to the top in the financial services industry. Guest speaker and networking expert, J. Kelly Hoey, shared twelve important sessions on why being very strategic about networking and building a network helps you achieve your meaningful goals by making meaningful connections. Her own journey has taken her from being an attorney to a successful entrepreneur.  Her book, Build Your Dream Network is in the final steps of publication.

The program also included Kelly presenting questions to selected PRU employees, in sets of two, in a Point/Counter Point discussion of various aspects of networking, including mentoring. A clear message was the importance of developing professional relationships both internal and external to the company and the positive role that strategic networking can play in enhancing one’s success and mobility.

Article submitted by Stephanie Hauge, Co-Chair, FWA-NJ committee.