How to Negotiate for Yourself

negotiateOn October 28th the FWA Men’s Alliance Committee sponsored “How to Negotiate for Yourself” in the beautiful Herman Miller Showroom in Midtown. Participants discussed negotiation with our accomplished speakers and Men’s Alliance members, Susan L. Harper and Stephen Zweig. This was a great event with a full house of 72 students and professionals who learned many key techniques for their day-to-day negotiations.

Stephen Zweig shared some key takeaways including: work collaboratively with the other side to brainstorm overcoming obstacles; find the other side’s weakness and press on it with either logic or emotion; be ready to compromise on your terms or walk away. Above all, negotiation is a learned art. If you don’t yet have the skills, invest in yourself and engage an attorney.

Overall, the event provided practical learning about negotiation and valuable networking time with our FWA members and guests.

We appreciate our speakers, Herman Miller for hosting the event, FordHarrison LLP, a national labor and employment law firm for their sponsorship, and the supportive FWA office team.

A 10 Point Program: Negotiating For Yourself at Work
By Stephen E. Zweig, Esq., FordHarrison LLP