Imposter Syndrome – Defining, Diagnosing and Dealing Highlights

On October 5th, the Emerging Leaders committee hosted an interactive workshop, “Imposter Syndrome – Defining, Diagnosing and Dealing”, the second of its fall events this year.

With 27 participants in attendance, highly acclaimed and experienced Executive coach and author Kira Copperman facilitated an engaging discussion around the “imposter syndrome” – a phenomenon where capable people attribute their accomplishments, despite evidence to the contrary, to luck, leading to a feeling of incompetence and self-doubt.


Throughout the workshop, participants shared personal stories around times where they felt they experienced or witnessed others experience the imposter syndrome. In the first half workshop, Kira shared general categorizations of those with imposter syndrome and potential effects in the workplace. In the second half of the workshop, Kira offered practical methods to overcoming and dealing with the imposter syndrome; some of the key takeaways for the participants included internalizing external validation, avoiding the temptation to compare one’s weakness with another’s strengths, and owning (not undermining or minimizing) one’s success. Overall, the workshop was incredibly productive, and we hope many of those in attendance were enlightened by the topic and will use the tips discussed in the future.

Special thank you to Kira Copperman and the Ayers Group for hosting a successful event.