Jim Arnoff Trains the Pacesetters on Ways to Up Their Game

The Pacesetters present their thoughts on ways to step up their game

Jim introduced the Pacesetters to the concept of “upping their game” in a lively and interactive session in early December at Eversheds Sutherland. He began the workshop by reviewing common words that we should extract from our vocabulary, words that are tentative, overused or unflattering.  Each Pacesetter had an opportunity to discuss a topic and Jim reviewed many of these words in real time. He then asked each person to replace these words with stronger and more impactful words that made an impression on the audience.

Jim engages the Pacesetter in a robust discussion about managing conflict

The theme of the session, upping the game, was discussed in the context of individual values.  Jim introduced the framework which includes embracing strengths, stretching and dreaming large, being committed to one’s passion and purpose, and taking soul-centered risks.  The Pacesetters presented their own ideas around this topic, using bold words to describe how they would challenge themselves to make more impact.  Jim asked some provocative questions to engage the Pacesetters in a discussion about blockages and what’s getting in the way of stretching and taking courageous and confident steps.  He explored their limiting beliefs and thoughts, and challenged them to step out of these.

The topic of conflict emerged organically and Jim conducted a case study with one of the participants. Fear gets in the way and many people retreat from dealing with real controversies.  Through role play, Jim explored ways to have open, trusting conversations instead of hostile interactions that invite defensiveness. Conflict is a universal topic that resonated with the entire group and provided another reference point for upping the game.

Pacesetters group Dec 2018

Rear: Alexandra Lee; Robin Milberg; Anne Elizabeth Engler; Lara Cooley; Veena Jayadeva; Kelsey Duffy; Lillian Kim; Emily Keep; and Melanie Temkin
Front: Gerri Bostick, Pacesetter Chair; Maureen Daniels-Yeung; Priya Srivastava; Trine Alimena; Kathleen Wishashan; Seyda Pirinccioglu, Committee Member; Christine Loomis, Vice Chair; and Jennifer Tenzer.
Center: Jim Arnoff, Presenter