Luck of the Irish: Top 3 Takeaways from the First Woman Counsel General of Ireland, Barbara Jones

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Barbara Jones, first woman Counsel General of Ireland.

You’ve heard about four-leaf clovers and the good luck they’re known to bring. Imagine how lucky Barbara Jones felt when she became the first woman Counsel General of Ireland.

And her life? Busy to say the least.

That was just one of many topics Ms. Jones discussed with Financial Women Association (FWA) members and guests who were invited into her absolutely stunning home to discuss her tips for success and much more.

Here are the top three takeaways talked about during this once in a lifetime event.

  1. Men are key to women’s success — The commitment of men to successful women is key to advancement. While it can sometimes seem impossible to juggle a growing family and simultaneously a highly successful career, Jones said that having a supportive partner can make all the difference in the world. Not only is this something that needs to continue to be talked about, but we also need to “move away from that individualistic view because having it all really does take a village,” she said.

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    Members and guest mingle and network.

  2. Listen or remain stagnant? Listening is the most important communication skill. If you aren’t able to fully listen to the most important people in your life, it’s likely that both your personal and professional life will remain stagnant. Women typically are better listeners than men and need to embrace this great trait to its fullest extent.

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    Ms. Jones answers questions from FWA Member Maura Regan.

  3. The new “Steam Floor?” Never underestimate the power of women’s leadership. Jones dismisses the term “glass ceiling” favoring, instead, a “steam floor” as she calls it. She’s not afraid to label herself a feminist, and she believes that we’re currently in a time of transformation in society in which gender equality needs to continue to be enhanced in the near future.

(l to r) Maura Regan, Senior Vice President at Sesame Workshop; Barbara Jones, Counsel General of Ireland; Stacy Lauren Musi, Managing Director at Chadick Ellig; and Raleigh Mayer, Gravitas Guru pose for a snapshot.

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Special thanks to Barbara Jones and the Executive Leaders Committee.