Make a New Resolution This National Mentoring Month

January is National Mentoring Month and we’re challenging you to get involved as one of your resolutions this New Year.

Consider this, studies have proven that students who are at risk of falling off academically but paired with mentors are 130% more likely to remain in school and eventually go on to hold leadership positions. That’s not all, students who have participated in mentorship programs are also less likely to use illegal drugs or drink alcohol.

Although the FWA’s Mentoring Programs are responsible for many successful mentoring relationships, we’d like to expand our programs by inviting you to become a mentor.

By becoming a mentor, you:

  • Become a key source of knowledge to a young woman seeking guidance with developing her career.
  • Will help culturally, and ethnically diverse high school and undergraduate college students define their dreams – and discover the ways and means to achieve them.
  • Will be able to share a wealth of field-specific knowledge and skills with future generations.
  • Gain better self-awareness and stay relevant be learning from your mentee.
  • Strengthen your interpersonal communication skills.
  • Can develop a personal and professional rejuvenation by enhancing your creativity.
  • Get to feel good by doing good within the community.

Interested in Mentoring?

This is an incredible opportunity for you to help us do more, serve more, and make a larger impact. To learn more about FWA mentoring and to get involved contact:

(Baruch College) Betsy Werley,
(Seton Hall University) Carol Doyle or Rachel Peddle,
(High School) Beth Dorfman or Mindy Kipness.