Monetizing Your Voice Program Highlights


Speaker Lisa Panarello addresses the audience

The FWA Entrepreneurs Committee Maximized First Impressions in September with wardrobe, makeup and photography lessons at the beautiful Worth New York showroom atop the iconic Crown Building.  That night, we took care of the ‘outside’.  Now it was time to do an ‘internal’ deep dive for the one-two knockout.  And we did exactly that.

As a prelude to strategic planning ahead of the New Year, it was time to learn how Monetizing Your Voice helps achieve goals by augmenting confidence to impress employers, clients and stakeholders.  With Lattanzi Restaurant’s delicious luncheon warming the audience on a crisp November afternoon, Careers Advance founder and CEO Lisa Panarello shared insights to improve success whether in advancing a career, launching a new business or expanding an established company.  As Lisa proclaimed, “If you want to grow revenue, no amount of print, digital or mobile advertising can produce the results you can in person.”

The mission that Lisa shared in her dynamic presentation was clear: leverage your personality and translate your passion and knowledge into dollars.  And it was a lesson that she had already taught to clients at such major firms as Novartis, JPMorgan Chase, New York University and even the NYPD!  All in, Lisa’s training programs have reached more than half of a million students and professionals nationwide and the audience of 30 from Lisa’s ‘Lunch & Learn’ benefited.

Her overall message was: “If you use your ‘voice’ effectively, you will explode visibility, build credibility, and generate warm referrals and hot leads.” Strategic takeaways covered three critical areas:

  • Optimize your voice: Translate your services, products or on-the-job skills into speaking topics that can educate others on who you are, what you offer and why they need you in their life and business. Define your value!
  • Target your voice: Select venues and invite an audience to ‘listen’ to your presentation, seminar, even 15-minute talk. Bring your brand to life!
  • Monetize your voice: Identify audience needs and interject ‘teaser’ solutions during and after your presentation/talk. Produce a pipeline of prospects!

Lisa also covered critical DO’S and DON’TS of speaking in public so that the audience left feeling empowered to succeed in upcoming pitches/presentations.  Key points included:

  1. Don’t wing it—prepare an outline and practice your speech, slideshow, props, etc. Record and review. Have a solid grasp of your topic and content flow.
  2. Don’t use fillers—uh, um, like, ya know, basically, honestly. Learn techniques to remove words that decrease credibility.
  3. Do follow up with leads—send email within 24 hours, request phone call to discuss their questions and needs further. Turn leads into clients!

In conclusion, Lisa urged the audience not to wait, but to create the changes we desire because our future deserves immediate attention. Lisa reminded us that we are the masters of our own universe, and by creating a plan of action to polish communication skills, we can and will transform our world.  In a generous spirit of the season, Lisa offers members of the FWA a free initial consultation as well as a special 10% holiday discount on all writing and coaching services.  Best contact for Lisa is via, 718.308.6171 or email

FWA Entrepreneurs Committee co-chair Alana McNichol extended the FWA’s gratitude to Lisa Panarello for her presentation and re-opened the opportunity for continued networking to conclude the session.  The next committee meeting is December 19th as we prepare for another unforgettable FWA event on April 6, 2017.  Mark your calendars and stay tuned for details.