Pacesetter Round Table Discussion Highlights

On Thursday, January 19th, Pershing CEO Lisa Dolly and COO Lori Hartwick, met with the FWA Pacesetters over breakfast for a round table discussion facilitated by JamiLynn Cimino, Pershing’s Pacesetter.  The Pacesetters were also joined by Mark Aldoroty, Managing Director of Prime Services Collateral Funding & Trading and Linda Derrick, Managing Director Business Process Improvement.  Lisa and Lori shared their perspectives on a host of issues and topics while they reflected on their careers.

When asked to share her background with the FWA Pacesetters, Lisa Dolly said she started at Pershing fresh from college, joined a management training program (one of two women out of twelve trainees), and expected to stay four to five years and then move on.  Instead, twenty five plus years later in 2016  Lisa became the first female CEO in Pershing’s seventy seven year history.


(l-r): Smriti Kodandapani, JamiLynn Cimino, Preeti Narayan, Bonnie Park, Amy Hertenstein, Michelle Carroll, Jamila Houser, Yai Vargas

Lisa spent the first fifteen years of her career in client facing roles; and, from there, was asked to move into a senior operations role.  This role was so completely different than her previous ones; she quickly realized the need to “build skills” and expand her knowledge of new functional areas.   In addition, it caused her to consider and maximize the value she brings to a position and how it also creates value for the company.  For example, she recognized that her client skills uniquely positioned her to find new ways to add value to the operations function. Lisa attributes her success to her passion for life-long learning.

Lori landed her first job in financial services because she was fluent in Japanese and that like other women “fell into” a career in the industry.  She felt that, even today, many women are not aware of the career opportunities for them in financial services; raising the profile of the industry for women is important to attract more of them.  Lori was one of the founders of Envestnet and spent sixteen years there successfully growing the business.  She brought to Pershing her ability to inspire and motivate others; her signature strength.

A few of the tips Lisa and Lori shared are to be:

  • Self-aware — know your strengths and know where you need growth
  • Authentic — be yourself; don’t imitate others but do look to emulate qualities that you admire
  • Confident —  have an appropriate, honest level of confidence and come to the table with the ability to say what you are good at
  • Vulnerable — take risks to learn new skills and take on opportunities to grow; ask others to support you

Both Lisa and Lori have received several recognitions this year, including “The 2016 Women to Watch” list by Investment News and to the “50 Most Influential Women in Private Weath” by Private Asset Management.  After a rich exchange of ideas, it was clear to the Pacesetters why both have received such high accolades.