Pacesetters and “Getting to Gravitas”

The Pacesetters spent an afternoon with Raleigh Mayer (in Gold Jacket) “Getting to Gravitas”

Demonstrating effective leadership abilities is critical to career advancement. Many women, particularly as they start out, devote their energies to building deep functional and/or technical expertise; and then come to realize career trajectory depends on having leadership skills. Learning to develop those skills can be challenging and takes practice. Fortunately the 2016 Pacesetters had Raleigh Mayer, the Gravitas Guru and principal of Raleigh Mayer Consulting (, lead them through an impactful workshop called the Seven Up’s of Successful Leadership. This leadership framework, which Raleigh describes as Getting to Gravitas, focuses on what Raleigh calls “executive elevation” – how to expand leadership beyond technical expertise and to be recognized for it.

The first line in Raleigh bio says she “helps leaders elevate presence, enhance communication, and become more sophisticated at managing their relationships and reputations.” That is exactly what she did for the Pacesetters on March 15th when they gathered at Proskauer. Raleigh’s highly interactive workshop combined best practices with compelling real life examples and with insights gained from working with hundreds of executives. In the process she challenged the Pacesetters to consider their own leadership development and had them practice new skills. And, in the process and in a safe environment, the Pacesetters had a lot of fun and they left making personal commitments to further their development.

Raleigh is not only an expert on communications and presence, an executive coach, and an educator but also a member of the FWA leadership team. Many thanks go out to Raleigh for sharing her time and expertise and to Proskauer, an FWA President Circle company, for providing an optimal venue for conducting a workshop.