Pacesetters Serve as Mentors to Baruch Mentees

The Pacesetters spent a lively evening with the Baruch Mentees and the FWA Mentors on the Baruch College campus recently, in an interactive session. This impressive group of young college women represents the top 5% of all students in academic excellence at Baruch.

The Mentees were eager to gain the insights and advice that the Pacesetters offered as they look forward to entering the world of work. All of the Mentees are either currently engaged in internships or applying for them.

Pacesetter Deon Hall-Garriques with Betsy Werley, FWA Baruch Mentoring Chair

Betsy Werley, FWA Baruch Mentoring Chair opened the session by reviewing the goals and objectives of the Baruch program and its longstanding relationship with the FWA.  She highlighted some of the accomplishments of the talented students in the program and thanked the FWA Mentors for their dedication to the students.

Olga Barskaya, Director of the FWA Mentoring Program at Baruch, organized the evening by having table discussions using six questions that she and the Mentees developed.  These included:  how to network differently; being financially literate; confidence and self-promotion; dealing with unexpected office politics; strategies for career development; and the importance of studying abroad.

Mentees were able to participate in at least 3 of the rotating table group discussions. At the end of the session, participants highlighted their takeaways from each topic, including new learning and tactics that they will begin to apply. Pacesetter Carolyn Axisa described the session as “a great event with lots of positive energy and interesting perspectives from the students.”

Pacesetter, Mentors and Mentee Participants


FWA Mentors

Baruch Mentees with Pacesetter Aisha Elezi

Ria Davis, FWA Executive Director
Gerri Bostick, Pacesetter Chair
Christine Loomis, Pacesetter Vice-Chair
Betsy Werley, Baruch Mentoring Chair
Olga Barskaya, Director of the FWA Mentoring Program at Baruch College

Marietta Bottero
Yolanda Crawford
Peggy Decker
Amy Hertenstein
Pat Jaquay
Alyce Mayo
Seyda Pirinccioglu
Allison Reid
Raj Shiva
Pat Spross


Roundtable discussions

Carolyn Axisa
Aisha Elezi
Deon Hall-Garriques
Susan Parker
Elisabeth Seep

Baruch Mentees

Vivian Chen, Jelena Deap, Dominique Dixon, Danielle Douglas, Milyza Flores, Rina Gershman, Patrycja Gorska, Noor Javed, Dora Li, Ana Llana, Mirza Hoque, Anna Ng, Joyce Ng, Brianna Perez, Kerri Shek, Viviana Vizcaino, Maria Wu Cen, Alexis Yam, Sabrina Mohan, and Vanessa Romero