Pacesetters: The Gift of Authenticity and the Miracle of Charisma Highlights

The Pacesetters joined Sam Christensen in his New York City studio for an interactive session, The Gift of Authenticity and the Miracle of Charisma.  The session was co-facilitated by Sam’s associate, Ken  Cortland, on October 24, 2017.

(l-r): Session facilitators Sam Christensen and Ken Cortland. Back row: Committee Co-chairs Gerri Bostick (2nd) and Christine Loomis (4th), with the Pacesetters.

The premise of Sam’s work is that self-awareness is the subtle shift that people make to accommodate the situations they encounter.

His quote, “Nature gives us the gift of individuality and we owe it to ourselves to be who we were intended” was demonstrated throughout the workshop.  Further, our identities are among the many gifts nature gives us and our job is to take that gift and maximize it.

The Pacesetters participated in several activities where they interacted with others in the room, both in assessing how they view others and how others viewed them.

The interactive session included:

  • A chance for each person to experience how quickly they form opinions and feelings about other people they meet, known and unknown.
  • Pacesetters session

    An opportunity to see a diverse array of feelings that others formed about each person in the workshop.

  • An understanding that we are all unique, and that the traits that we view as concerning can be used appropriately, depending on the situation.
  • Individual storytelling exercises on a series of topics where the group recorded their feelings about how they viewed the storyteller at that moment.

Pacesetters gained new insights about how they can better own who they are in their work environments. Owning who and what we are with others, instead of suppressing it, is the bridge to better relationships and more success. Others will make themselves more available to us when we are open about who we are.


Sam Christensen is a former casting director, concert promoter, personal manager to actors, and image consultant. He and his trainers offer workshops at Sam Christensen Studios in Hollywood and travel nationwide.

We extend our thanks to FWA member Ichun Lai for all of her efforts and assistance in bringing this program to fruition.