Power Networking, Power Pitching…The Dynamic Duo! – Highlights

Jim Arnoff leads the interactive workshop on pitching and networking

On Friday, Sept 8th, FWA members gathered midtown at PwC to participate in the first free interactive workshop entitled ‘Power Networking, Power Pitching…The Dynamic Duo!’ and facilitated by the highly-acclaimed coach, Jim Arnoff.

As a warm up, Jim asked participants to introduce themselves.  While going through the room, Jim gave tips on how to polish one’s pitch which also helped participants get to know one another.  After going through most of the room, everyone pitched in and gave their definitions of networking which was followed by a highly dynamic series of questions on real life networking situations.

A few takeaways on pitching and networking include:

  • Personalize, be authentic and talk about your personal/ professional passions – this will help you connect more effectively with your audience/ clients.
  • When networking, don’t forget to ‘name drop’ and be specific.
  • Be aware of what you say / how much you say: this will help you ‘make’ a conversation.
  • Last but not least, make sure ‘the ask’ matches the relationship you have with your contact.  As for effective follow-ups, ask for a key ‘date’.

This event was sold out and here is a comment from a participant:

“High Quality speakers are important and relevant topics as well. I have attended free events with networking groups only to be disappointed. This event exceeded my expectations and the quality was excellent.”

We look forward to our upcoming Friday morning session on 6th October!

Stay tuned!