Power Up Your Leadership Style with the Color Q Personality Model

On Friday, February 2nd, the BOLD Committee hosted another sold out free workshop for FWA members focusing on identifying our leadership style using the Color Q Personality Model.

The workshop was hosted by MetLife and facilitated by Marian Oláh, a highly-acclaimed coach who specializes in personal and organizational transformation.

Marian revealed that our personalities don’t change much over our lifetimes, however we can improve our collaboration with others and make positive career choices by gaining awareness about our own ‘color’, and adapting our behavior to the ‘colors’ of others. Color Q, a four-factor personality profiling system created by Shoya Zichy, allowed participants to build such awareness.

Marian Oláh

Throughout the session, participants filled a questionnaire in order to identify their own predominant ‘color’ (Gold, Blue, Red, Green) and their distinct leadership / communication styles. For example, ‘Gold’ personalities are highly organized, punctual, and detail-oriented. The best recommended communication approach to ‘Golds’ is to be formal, factual and accurate.

On the other hand, ‘Red’ personalities are very spontaneous, active and gravitate towards immediate action. As a result, successful communication with ‘Reds’ requires granting flexibility and independence, a face-to-face approach and ideally the introduction of a ‘fun’ element in the workplace.


An understanding of different personality types as determined by the Color Q Assessment also enabled participants identify to what extent their predominant ‘color’ aligns with their career choices. Thanks to an overall understanding of personalities behind each color, participants left the session with a practical guide for adjusting their behaviors to the personality types of other people.

For more information on the Color Q, please read the latest edition of ‘Career Match’ which features a number of profiles, including the fascinating career journey of Executive Director of the FWA, Ria Davis!