Profile of Success: Joan Farr, Original Founder of the Financial Women’s Association

Why did Joan have the chutzpa to start the FWA back in 1956 and what trait has made the difference in her career? Find out how she did it, her sage advice, her own path to success and more!

Question: You were one of the original founders of the FWA. Why was it important for you personally to spearhead this organization?

A: When I started to work on Wall Street, there were very few women engaged in finance. It was difficult to meet and form friendships. Several friends were interested in joining “The Young Men’s Investment Association of New York.” However, this group rejected the idea of women members. Ironically, that men’s group no longer exist, while the FWA keeps going, after many years of successful leadership.


Joan Farr, one of the original eight founding members of the FWA.

Question: What advice do you have for women?
A: I would advise women to focus on achievement in their specific field and build relationships with others in finance.

Question: What do you believe are some of the key elements to your personal success?

A: One key element in my success was an intense curiosity in finance. This enabled me to make perceptive recommendations in stock selection, which led to professional recognition.

Question: How do we get more women into financial services?

A: Women should be made aware of the opportunities in financial services. The FWA is influential in this area and should intensify its efforts.

Question: What trends are currently affecting the financial services industry?

A: I observe women making extraordinary progress. Note the recent hire of the woman CFO at Morgan Stanley by Google for $40 million. The CFO at JP Morgan is also an example of a woman leader at a company that in the past did not promote women.

Question: How has your continued involvement in the FWA benefited your own life?

A: I formed many friendships through the FWA over the years and enjoy seeing these distinguished individuals at FWA meetings.

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