Raleigh Mayer Explores “Getting to Gravitas” with Pacesetters

Getting to Gravitas was the overall theme of this interactive and lively session with Raleigh Mayer.  She explored all facets of gravitas, what it means and how it is manifested in the work environment.  The Pacesetters participated in discussions around how women communicate differently from men, how they build relationships differently, and the divergence in their communication styles.  There were also active demonstrations of how women show up at meetings, what their posture conveys, and how they use their voice tones differently than men.

Raleigh Mayer with Mike Sebring, Director of Inclusion and Diversity, The Americas, SMBC Group

Raleigh demonstrated the language of leadership and shared the six elements of impression which included intangibles such as body language and connection.  The role of dress in the business environment was also a lively discussion and Raleigh presented the group with interesting research such as the fact that women who wear even small amounts of makeup are promoted faster than those who don’t.  Raleigh’s sometimes humorous quips and quotes brought levity and interest to a powerful workshop.

The Pacesetters were given a toolkit that included leveraging your professional reputation, image management for female executives and a bibliography of executive books from many thought leaders. Raleigh invited the Pacesetters to make small steps to include these techniques in their daily repertoires, to increase both their confidence and influence in all settings.

(l-r): Raleigh Mayer, Carolyn Axisa, Deon Hall-Garriques, Susan Parker, Elisabeth Seep, Cheryl Tuosto, Mari Richardson, Gerri Bostick, Paola Montilla and Mike Sebring

Raleigh Mayer helps leaders elevate presence, enhance communication, and become more sophisticated at managing their relations and reputations. She is an advisor, coach, educator and speaker, serving large corporations, private firms, and individual executives.  www.Raleighmayer.com