Raleigh Mayer Works Her “Gravitas Magic” With the Pacesetters

Raleigh demonstrates the power of presence in interactions

In an interactive workshop, held on November 14th at New York Life, the Pacesetters experienced the meaning of gravitas and executive presence.  Raleigh has trained many executives, C-Suite leaders and CEOs on ways to enhance their communications and impact, and become more sophisticated at managing their relationships and reputations.  The Pacesetters were wowed by their interchange with Raleigh as she demonstrated some ways to achieve these objectives, and they learned more about themselves in the process.

Raleigh immersed the Pacesetters in a discussion on what gravitas is, how females in business can project more of it in the work environment, and the differences between how females show up compared to males.  She then explored the typical communication styles of both. She described how females can maximize their effectiveness through blending both styles. Using examples such as Michelle Obama, Sheryl Sandberg and Robin Roberts, Raleigh introduced the Pacesetters to how these women present themselves and how real impact is made in areas such as language, presence and attire.

(l-r): Front: Lillian Kim; Kelsey Duffy; Shannon Seidel; Christine Loomis, Vice Chair; Raleigh Mayer, Presenter; Kathleen Wishashan; Anne Elizabeth Engler; Julie Chin; Margoth Garcia
Rear: Alexandra Lee; Emily Estevez; Veena Jayadeva; Gerri Bostick, Chair; Emily Keep; Robin Milberg; Kathryn Mayer, Mentor; Stacy Capel

The Pacesetters engaged in a series of interactive activities, including how to meet and greet others to build instantaneous positive relationships, how to present to a group using the right posture and body language, and how to perform effectively in a meeting using one’s posture. The group had questions on all of these situations and expressed their surprise about small touches that were missing in the way that they show up.  The meeting ended with the Pacesetters making a commitment to the one thing that they would change to help them get closer to “gravitas”.