Stand Out Online: 10 Secrets to Social Media Success Event Highlights

Toni Blackman Presents (left) and Kate Gardner Consulting (right) prepare the audience for Networking.

Packed with content and interaction, “Stand Out Online: 10 Secrets to Social Media Success” wowed a sold-out audience of 120. The breakfast event, hosted at Wells Fargo, was held in collaboration with New York Women In Business (#NYWIB), a coalition of eight for- and non-profit organizations dedicated to advancing female owned and led companies.

Kate Gardner of Kate Gardner Consulting and Toni Blackman of Toni Blackman Presents, kicked the morning off with a “warm-up exercise”.  Infusing warmth and energy into the room, 120 women and two brave men stood up and with lightning speed, each person said the one word that mattered:  “Integrity!”  “Enthusiasm!”  “Curiosity!”  “Joyful!”  By the time the last person spoke everyone had shared an experience together and that set the mood for the rest of the morning.  The spirit of collaboration and socialization started off strong and was the perfect segue to the event’s featured ‘social media success’ presentation.

Anna Gonzales, FWA member and Head of Social Media at Nasdaq, shared her top 10 social media tips. Some key takeaways:

Keynoter Anna Gonzalez (right) literally “buzzed” everyone in the room with her social media tips

  1. Social media platforms are favoring and promoting video content over links, individual photos and especially over ‘text-only’ posts
  2. All you need to go live or shoot a video are a couple of chairs, a ‘step & repeat’ background (or a wall!), a couple of lights, and a camera (laptop or smartphone will do very well in a pinch!)
  3. No matter your size, target your audience and platform, knowing when and where your audience engages.

The attendees had tons of great questions and responses and the ideas and creative juices flowed freely thanks to Anna’s engaging slides and expertise.  Anna is a social media ‘queen’ (complete with her avatar crown) who loves to teach … and it shows.  Her subject matter expertise was as evident as her enthusiasm was contagious.

With messaging and thought leadership in mind, yet mindful of the dread many feel as soon as they hear the word “networking”, Kate Gardner and Toni Blackman introduced the audience to a three-step process we all practiced in a “speed-date” kind of way.  Blackman, a hip-hop wrap artist, emphasized the importance of creativity with a poetic introduction. Two attendees freestyled with the prompts “I am…” and “I do…” and then all attendees spent a few minutes figuring out their own personal and business stories. Kate and Toni demonstrated the structure:

Ready, Set, Share! Every 3 minutes Row A moved 1 seat to the right & Row B moved 1 seat to the left.

  1. Why do I do what I do?
  2. How do I do it?
  3. What do I do for others?

Then, it was off to the races! Attendees played musical chairs, spending 3 minutes per one-on-one pairing to test out their newly developed introductions.

After the speed networking, guests spent time mingling and checking out the exhibitor tables, featuring goods and services from nonprofits and small businesses alike.  [Word to the wise:  Exhibitor tables are offered at $100 each and are quickly reserved and at each and every event.]