President’s Circle Initiatives

Back2Business Initiative

Patti Mittelman

Sharon Lewis

Committee Chair Patti Mittelman and Vice-chair Sharon Lewis

The program is scheduled for launch in the fall of 2016.  Details about the program will be coming soon.

For more information, contact Patti Mittelman or Sharon Lewis.


Pacesetter Initiative

Petrina DiGangi

Christine Birnbaum

pacesetter: a person, group or organization that is the most progressive or successful and serves as a model to be imitated.

The FWA is proud to have the opportunity to recognize each year a new exceptional group of achievers, who are emerging leaders in their fields and in thier companies.

The FWA is honored to provide a Program of Leadership and Development for these outstanding individuals through a series of specially-tailored Pacesetter events each year.

For more information, contact Chair Christine Birnbaum.

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