Top Middle Eastern Women Leaders Meet with FWA for Ideas, Exchange


FWA’s Executive Director Jennifer Openshaw poses for a photo with the women from the International Visitor Leadership Program.

 State Department Program Supports International Leaders in Women’s Advancement

More than a dozen women representing countries including Egypt, Palestine, Tunisia, Jordan, Iraq, Sudan, Algeria and Palestine made a timely visit during Women’s History Month to meet with executive director Jennifer Openshaw.

The women were part of the prestigious International Visitor Leadership Program, sponsored by the State Department. That program has operated for 55 years and has included Tony Blair, Britain’s former prime minister, among past participants.

“These are the best and brightest women in these countries coming to us for ideas,” said the FWA’s Openshaw. “They see supporting women as critical to their economic success.”

Sponsored by the Department of State, participants of the International Visitor Leadership Program must first be nominated by the US Embassy in each of their respective countries for a visit to the US to meet with top leaders and organizations — such as the Financial Women’s Association (FWA) — to learn best practices related to women’s advocacy f and overcoming key gender challenges.

After an overview from Ms. Openshaw about the FWA, the group asked about specific ways to engage women of color, operate educational programs, close the pay gap, and engage the media for outreach and impact.
One representative commented, “I got a lot of new ideas to take back home.”photo 2

The women will be in the US March 2-20, 2015.

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